Jason Corley from BowJunky.com reviews the Spypoint BF-8 Trail Camera.

The SPYPOINT BF-8 BLACK LEDs game camera captures 8-megapixel color photos by day and black-and-white photos at night and 10 to 90 sec. videos with sound. The BF-8 uses high-power invisible BLACK LEDs. The BF-8 is the perfect camera to avoid spooking the game and this camera is a popular unit for security purposes because of the invisible BLACK LEDs. The 5 zone sensor will give you a faster trigger speed and ensures you get more centered images. The distance detection sensor can be adjusted from 5″ to 50″ and the multi-shot mode allows up to 4 pictures per detection. For more go to www.spypoint.com/EN/trail-cameras/BF-8.html