Robert Hoague
Webmaster Bowhunting.Net

When I received a new ThermaCELL a few weeks ago I pulled it out of the package, screwed in a fuel cylinder and inserted a new blue insect chaser pad. Then I stuffed it in my camo pants side pocket and hurried to a new area to wild hog hunt with my bow. On that particular hunt I did not see any wild hogs, however two significant events happened that impacted my 2013 bowhunting life.

First, I saw two bomber bucks come out of the woods on a trail that was 8 yards from me. A 10 and a 9 point.

Secondly, and before I saw the bucks, a bunch of mosquitoes found me and immediately gave me the business. All my fingers turned into thumbs and I fumbled around getting the ThermaCELL out of my pocket. I was definitely glad I took the time to load the cylinder and blue pad in the ThermaCELL as I reached down to push the On button.


It did not have the familiar “ON” push button.

The 2013 ThermaCELL has an improved On and Off interface.

Instead the 2013 ThermaCELL had a Dial that turned it On or Off. And it had the familiar button to start up the unit but I noticed that this one was labeled “Start” , which was definitely an improvement for all new ThermaCELL users.

A close up of the new ThermaCELL Controls: On, Off and Start.

I moved the Turn Dial to “On” and then pushed the start button. The ThermaCELL came on immediately and in short order my unwanted biting guests backed away from my tripod stand.

The beauty of the ThermaCELL is that you do not have to spray or rub it on. It repels flying insects when you turn it on and keeps them at least 15 feet from you. Nice.

I’ve used a ThermaCELL in the U.S., Canada and Africa and been glad for its impressive job of insect repelling. It runs off mosquitoes and no-see-ums like nothing I’ve ever tried before. And on black bear hunts ThermaCELL even backs down the fierce Black Flies of Canada and the northern USA.

Once I had some hornets make a nest in my ground blind and when they started flying into the blind I moved the ThermaCELL to the blind’s window and it stopped the hornets right there.

On alligator bowhunts in the buggy swamps of Florida mosquitoes come in hoards and nothing else will keep them off you. Sometimes you have to move a ways on the ground to get to a gator and I’ve found that if I rub the front of the ThermaCELL on my pants, shirt and cap the mosquitoes leave me alone when I’m on the move too.

And back to the hunt…

When I returned home I checked the package and it had the new ThermaCELL “Holster.” The Holster and it slipped slid on easily and still had a snug fit around the unit. One thing I really liked about it was the new Belt Clip. I’ve used the Belt Clip to clip the unit to my hunting belt as well as a binocular strap and a backpack strap to see how the clip worked. It was up to the job. An excellent modification of the previous ThermaCELL holster.

The Back Side of the new ThermaCELL Holster has a handy Belt Clip.

Also, the Holster had two pockets sized to hold the cylinder and pad Refills so you have them handy when you need them.

One of the things I’ve been asked hundreds of times about the ThermaCELL is, “Do deer and other wild game smell it?” That’s an easy one to answer, one word says it all, “NO”. I’ve used it in ground blinds as well as treestands and I like to hunt close, 18 yards and less, and I’ve never had a problem with any deer or other animals spooking on my ThermaCELL. They absolutely DO NOT smell it.


When ThermaCELL hit the market it was a significant tool for hunters but really, any folks who spend time outdoors and that includes back yard barbecues and get together’s. If you are outside in nice weather, you need ThermaCELL. It has kept insect pests away from us since day one. And in 2013 it made another significant step in terms of ease of use. The Turn Dial is a perfect addition to the unit. And having Off, On and Start on the face of the control area is a big plus, particularly for people who are using a ThermaCELL for the first time.

Lastly, this is a staple item in my personal hunting gear, it goes with me everywhere. Something else that is important is that the company, ThermaCELL, is dedicated to creating products that do what they say they will do.

ThermaCELL makes a Hunters Starter Kit that includes the ThermaCELL and Holster with 9 mats and 3 butane cartridges. Also included are Refills of 9 mats and 3 butane cartridges.

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