Dan Gutting Vice President Atsko, Inc.

Dan Gutting
Vice President
Atsko, Inc.

One of the most significant obstacles a human must over come to remain undetected in the woods whether hunting or scouting, filming or setting up blinds and treestands is odor control. Any foreign or human odor on your clothing, your boots or your skin will alert, even after you have left the area, the game in that area. If you are serious about odor control you need more than a bottle of spray, you need a complete system approach.

There are three things you must master.
1. Odorless clothing and footwear
2. Odorless Hair and Body
3. A way to deal with new odors as they are produced.

To keep this short we are going to make 1 and 2 a homework assignment.

Simply wash all of your family clothes in Atsko’s Sport-Wash Residue Free Laundry Detergent for a couple of weeks before you step into the woods. You will know they have never been so odor free. And,if you or the most sensitive person you know can’t tell the before and after difference, send me the empty bottle and we will refund your purchase.

The same goes for Atsko’s Sport-Wash Hair and Body Soap. After 2 weeks of using the Sport-Wash Hair and Body Soap, you will be fresher, cleaner and you will stay that way longer than any other Soap you have previously used. If you don’t agree then Atsko will pay for the soap.

Now, let’s turn our attention to IN-THE-FIELD odor control. Most products neutralize, cover, absorb or metabolize odor. These strategies work some of the time for some odors. N-O-Dor is different from the other scent elimination products on the market today. N-O-Dor destroys odor by oxidation. It works more completely, more reliably and it works on everything, even things like gas and WD-40. The odor eliminating oxidizers in N-O-Dor turn volatile odor compounds into solid non-volatile salts. Any excess oxidizer evaporates away without residue so you can use as much as needed for total success.

Oxidizers have a limited life because they are always looking for something to react with. This is a major drawback if it sits on the shelf a few years in an active state.

Our N-O-Dor Oxidizer is sold deactivated and dormant. It is stable in this form for 4 years. Its active shelf life doesn’t begin until you mix it with clean water. This enables you to mix it as you need it so it is always 100% fresh and always 100% effective. Once mixed, it remains effective for 6 – 12 months depending on storage conditions.

N-O-Dor Pro Pump Kit

N-O-Dor Pro Pump Kit

New for 2013 we are introducing the N-O-Dor Pro Pump Kit. It enables you to mix a one liter (34oz) batch four times from “part A” and “Part B” concentrates and clean water. The 34oz bottle has a built in pump to make it easy to do a thorough job on outerwear (especially cuffs and collars), base layers, hats, hair, skin, mouth, and footwear (including the bottoms of your shoes). The 34 ounces of Activated Oxidizer will spray down two to four hunters and have enough left to fill the included 4oz trigger bottle to use during the hunt.

The N-O-Dor Pro Pump Kit also includes a 4oz bottle of Sport-Wash Laundry Detergent and a 4oz tube of our Sport-Wash Hair and Body Soap. If your local outdoor shop doesn’t have it yet visit atsko.com.

N-O-Dor Pro Pump Kit by Atsko

N-O-Dor Pro Pump Kit by Atsko

Effectiveness • Freshness • Value

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