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Earlier this year my partner Rich Walton set things up for me to use, test and report on my experience and thoughts on the Pro-Fit Custom Ear Plugs from Pro-Ears and Altus Brands.

I’ve used the Pro-Ears before, during several of the Spring Wild Turkey marathon bowhunts. They have put me on gobblers that I would not have heard without them. Pro-Ears are ear muff style hearing amplification and protection and are an excellent product.

The Pro-Fit hearing units are custom Ear Plugs with low profile sound amplification and suppression. Pro-Fit amplifies the sounds of nature up to 35dB and reduces the sound of firearms. They make it easier to hear approaching deer and other wild game earlier than you can without them.

When my package came from Pro-Fit there were instructions and everything I needed to get my custom ear plugs made; the free Impression Kit and the materials to use for the ear impressions.


The Pro0Fit comes in a case that contains everything necessary to get your custom ear plugs made.

From the instructions I learned that all custom-fit ear plugs require impressions of your ears. The Instructions said that I could make my ear impressions myself.

I wasn’t so sure I could do it myself but I noted that I could call Pro-Ears for customer support or else get a local audiologist to do the install. Good enough. I decided to give it a shot myself.

I slid a small piece of foam (included of course) into my ear canal. It’s purpose was to stop the ear plug material from going too far into the ear canal. Then I mixed the two-part impression material and used a squeeze tube to slowly squirt the material into my ear canals. After a short wait I removed  the finished material from my ears. Each one was the perfect impression of my ear canal.

I put both impressions in the included shipping package and dropped it off at the nearest Fed Ex pick up point.

A Pro-Fit expert craftsmen used my impressions to form my unique custom ear plugs molded around the sophisticated electronics. I received them in a few days. There were two of them, a red and a blue one. I looked them over.


Ear-Bud-Controls-2I quickly discovered that the red one was for my right ear and the blue was for my left ear. Now I was ready to see how these custom made ear things worked. I was in my office so I turned the volume down low on my Bluetooth sound system. Next, I used my index finger to turn the wheel on the control side of the right ear plug.  Wow, that increased the volume considerably.

I did it with the other ear. Nice.

Then I poked around on the control panel to see what the small button in the corner was for. It made adjustments to the volume. After I experimented with it I had both ears at an equal volume level and the sound quality was absolutely outstanding.

I listened to a few tunes, really digging the sound. Then I took the plugs out of my ears.

Uhhh, what a difference. I could’t believe I got the fine level of sound from the low volume on my bluetooth player.

Lets take it to the woods.


The Pro-Fit custom ear plugs fit snugly and comfortably in both my ears.

While it is not deer season yet I am actively scouting for deer and I used the Pro-Fit ear plugs on several outings.


I found that I could easily make the adjustments with my index finger to adjust the sound level and the sound quality.

One thing I really liked was the Pro-Fit’s ability to reduce wind noise. It’s difficult to separate animal footsteps from the rattling and scraping of leaves and limbs when it’s mixed in with windy conditions. The Pro-Fit reduce the wind sound and hearing deer steps in the woods was not a problem any more.

Another class touch was I could tell if a sound was to my left or right and even in front or behind me. (I’ve tried out a couple of other hearing enhancers and could not tell which direction particular sounds were coming from with them.)

When I scout I take pictures of deer and other wildlife. Hearing deer before they get where I can take their picture is important. It enables me to get my camera in position, slow and easy, and I’m ready to shoot pictures. And I found the Pr0-Fit to be a big help for being ready to take pictures. They are also going to be a huge asset when hunting season begins. While I really liked the Pro Ears muff style I have used for years, as a bowhunter I really like the new Pro-Fit Custom Ear Plugs. Drawing and holding a bow is no problem and these units are comfortable so you can put them in, adjust them and forget about them. When the game comes you’ll know exactly where they are coming from so you can be ready for the shot.

It uses a Size 312 battery and the battery life is listed as 120 hours, so you get lot of battery life from the Pro-Fit.

Pro-Fit also come with a sturdy, small size padded Carrying Case for when you aren’t using them.  A real plus.

Pro-Fit custom ear plugs are a definite asset to hunting or taking pictures. And they make my Bluetooth tune sound great as well.

For more Information or to Order visit or call toll free at 800-891-3660.