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One of the hardest parts about archery for many archers is keeping yourself from focusing on “NOT” missing, when we should be focusing on where we want the arrow to hit.

The Shield Archery Backstop by B.U.P. Sports allows you to focus on hitting your target without having to worry about missing the target and losing an arrow. The Shield is beneficial for both

From teaching beginners to testing how far you can shoot, The Shield can help you from losing your valuable arrows. The other benefit of The Shield is that you can use the corners of your targets which were previously unused because missing meant losing an arrow or wasted valuable time searching for that arrow. The Shield will not only extend the life of your target, it will save you time and money from missed targets and lost arrows.


Use The Shield to utilize those smaller targets on the corners with confidence. Photo Credit: Michelle Harmes

Although The Shield is tough enough to stop an arrow, it is gentle on arrows and allows for easy removal. The manufacturer recommends placing The Shield at least the length of your arrow away from any walls, fences, etc., as the arrow can go through the backstop about half way. The diameter of the practice tip should be no greater than that of the arrow.


With The Shield behind your targets you can focus on building your confidence and skill for when the moment of truth happens in the field. Photo Credit: Michelle Harmes
My arrow did not go through The Shield. 30 yards with 52 lbs draw weight. The Shield is extremely easy to set up; you can either hang it or lean it up against your target. Photo Credit: Michelle Harmes

The Shield stops all types of arrows with field tips, tested to 370 feet per second (narrow shaft carbon tested). It is not made to be used with broad heads or crossbows; however you can special order a crossbow backstop.The Shield is made of multi-layered recycled plastic fibers positioned in such a way that they stop the arrows energy much like a bullet proof vest. This is covered with industrial felt with fabric web loops around the perimeter. The Shield does not include a stand but can be easily set up by hanging or leaning against your target.


My arrow did not go through The Shield. 30 yards with 52 lbs draw weight. Photo Credit: Michelle Harmes

The Shield is lightweight and durable; weighing approximately 1 1/2 pounds per square ft. I can easily carry the 3?x4? size with one hand to bring it inside when I am finished shooting. The manufacturer recommends storing The Shield indoors when not in use.

The Shield is available in sizes from 3’x4’ to up to 6’X14’  and have a MSRP from $89.95 to $789.95. Available in black, camo and black with “Huntin is Good” stencil. Visit Shield Archery Backstop to read more about this product and to see the variety of sizes offered.

Although The Shield will stop your arrows it is not a substitute for safety. Always be sure of what is beyond your target and never fire an arrow in the direction of a person, pet or personal property.