SlatGrill: A flat-packing, any-fuel “camp kitchen in the woods.” 

After a long day hunting or on the trail everyone wants a good meal. Too often the price of that campsite meal is balancing a large stewpot on a tiny gas stove and hoping it doesn’t fall over, or waiting impatiently while precious heat from your stove or fire heats your campsite instead of your meal.

The SlatGrill keeps both your cookware and your cooking heat where they belong. Cook with virtually any camp stove or use wood or charcoal for traditional BBQ flavor, and use the cookware of your choice from lightweight camping gear to cast iron pots and griddles.


The SlatGrill with a delicious meal of venison chops and potatoes.

The Slatgrill packs down smaller than an iPad and is available in titanium (1.4 lbs) or stainless steel (2.8 lbs), and when assembled provides a stable 4” high 9” x 9” cooking surface. Parts come in a handy zippered pouch that slips easily into a side pocket of a backpack.


Smaller than an iPad, the SlatGrill is completely portable.

The kit includes lifting chains and optional coupling clips that allow users to make over a dozen setup configurations depending on fuel source and cooking situation. Join or stack multiple units to increase cooking options. Made in USA with 100% satisfaction guarantee.

SlatGrills takes the compromise out of cooking on the road, on the water, or on the trail. designs and manufactures lightweight, versatile, easy-to-use cooking systems suitable for virtually any outdoor activity. Cook with possibility on SlatGrills.


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