Altus Brands Acquires Grandview Solutions, LLC

Altus Brands, LLC continues to grow it’s impressive stable of product lines announcing it had acquired Grandview Solutions, LLC, owners of the Game Glide Deer Sled. Game Glide is an ultra-light deer sled that makes dragging your deer up to 46% easier, so you can bring home your next trophy deer with ease.

Made with the Tough & Slick sheet material, the Game Glide is both durable and recyclable. Best of all, the ultra-light Game Glide fits into your pocket, so it’s always there when you need it. The Game Glide is designed to be an effective, simple and lightweight solution for those who prefer not to use ATVs, reusable deer sleds, wheeled carts, etc. to pull their game.

The Game Glide Deer Sled from Altus Brands

The Game Glide Deer Sled from Altus Brands

The Game Glide attaches in seconds, using only three strings. To use, field dress your animal and and lay it on its side. Securely tie the animal with your rope-style drag before laying it on the unfolded Game Glide. With the Game Glide logos facing upward and your animal on its side, firmly tie Red Rope (1) around the animal’s neck.

Once Red Rope (1) is secure, tie the remaining orange ropes around the animal’s stomach area. With all three ropes in place, you can easily pull your game back to your launch area without breaking a sweat, all the while protecting the animal’s delicate hide.

The Game Glide is disposable, so there’s no need to scrub and sanitize for reuse.

Don’t hurt yourself trying to pull harder. Instead, hunt smarter with the Game Glide.

For more information please go to: The Game Glide, where you can also see the Game Glide in action.

Features at a glance:
• Disposable
• 25 x60 in
• Fits in your pocket
• Sets up in seconds
• Accommodates most mid-sized game

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