By: Rich Walton

By: Rich Walton

Years ago when archery and bowhunting was young and wood arrows were the norm, archers sharpened their own broadheads and fletched their own arrows. Most crested their arrows as well for a more distinctive look. As time went by and aluminum and then carbon became more and popular many new archers simply bought finished arrows. While more expensive it took some of the work out of archery. I think it also took away some of the pleasure of doing it yourself and the creative effort that made every arrow an individual statement.

Thankfully there is large and growing number of archers who still enjoy making their own arrows. They do it for a number of reasons. Some do it to save money while the vast majority does it because they enjoy it and because they want a more custom, distinctive look to their arrows. Whatever the reason, the numbers continue to grow. Be it vanes or feathers, thousands of archers now fletch their own arrows.

With the advent of the Carbon Arrow Shaft, it is apparent that fletching has become as important a function for the ‘do-it-yourselfer’ as it has been for aluminum and wood shafts. Now, for the avid archer, fletching any type arrow is not only a lesson in saving money but also in pride and, it’s fun. For the target archer and bowhunter, the enjoyment and art of making arrows allows each to make an arrow to exacting, personal specifications, make the arrows when needed with the fletching material of your choosing either at home or in the field.


The most popular way to fletch arrows is with the ARIZONA E-Z FLETCH.

For Randy Phillips, President of ARIZONA RIM COUNTRY, manufacturer of the popular ARIZONA E-Z FLETCH, it was more of a necessity.

“I consider myself an all-around archer.” Says Randy, “I enjoy the competition of shooting X’s and love 3D but my main hobby is getting out and bowhunting. I also love to tinker. Not only because I have this need to know how things work, but because I am very particular when it comes to my equipment. I like my equipment set up precisely the way I want it because I know I’ll shoot my best. I want my arrows perfect and I want them when I need them so I do it myself. This is the reason for the ARIZONA E-Z FLETCH. The E-Z Fletch fletches three vanes or feathers at the same time and is about as foolproof as any product can be. I can fletch a dozen of my own arrows, wood, aluminum and carbon, exactly the way I want them in less than 30 minutes. I don’t have to depend on someone else to do it, I can fletch anywhere and I can save money while enjoying the process.”

The ARIZONA E-Z FLETCH is a compact, lightweight unit that is easy to use, even in the field. The original E-Z FLETCH PRO automatically adjusts to any size arrow shaft from 2013 to 2613. It comes in straight, straight offset, right or left helical and will also do any style of three fletch with nothing extra to buy. The ARIZONA E-Z FLETCH Carbon Arrow model will fletch carbon shafts up to a 2018 aluminum. This new, patented design ensures precision alignment and includes interchangeable arms.


With the advent of the small diameter Carbon Arrow Shaft, it is apparent that these smaller diameter shafts favor smaller vanes and this is where the new E-Z Fletch ‘Mini’ comes in. For the target archer and bowhunter arrow flight, especially when shooting broadheads, is priority number one.

Randy Phillips noted, “Smaller diameter carbon shafts don’t need the larger, longer fletching required for wood and aluminum arrows so the trend has been to smaller vanes. The problem with the smaller vanes is getting the most radical helical required to ensure accurate arrow flight when shooting broadheads. The E-Z Fletch ‘Mini’ is designed to fletch vanes up to 2 ¼”, three at a time with the maximum helical possible to ensure the best in faster stabilization and more accurate arrow flight. The new ‘Mini’ brings to bear all the attributes of the original E-Z Fletcher’s but for smaller vanes.”

Phillips added, “Bowhunters demand accuracy and with a broadhead at one end and smaller vanes at the other the new ‘Mini’ provides the maximum helical required ensuring the balance and steerage necessary for maximum arrow flight. For fast, economic, efficient and convenient custom fletching, the new ‘Mini’ is pure Arizona E-Z Fletch and the result, tighter groups and more accurate arrow flight with carbon arrows.”

The 'Mini', made for small 2" fletching.

The ‘Mini’, made for small 2″ fletching.

Crossbows as target and hunting weapons have exploded over the past few years and the crossbow arrows, or bolts require special attention to fletching and naturally AZ Rim Country designed the perfect fletching tool for them, the E-Z FLETCH ‘BOLT’.

The ARIZONA E-Z FLETCH ‘BOLT’ was introduced in 2011 and utilizes the same great E-Z Fletch design that fletches 3 vanes at the same time with a more radical helical design for the best possible arrow flight for maximum accuracy .

Phillips had this to say about his latest, “The BOLT Fletching Jig has been designed to apply a unique radical helical to 2” vanes that not only stiffens the vane but creates more torque in flight so the bolt stabilizes immediately out of the bow to drastically improve accuracy.”

Phillips continued. “I don’t care what your skill level is; if you fletch your crossbow bolts with the E-Z Fletch ‘BOLT’ you will measurably improve your accuracy.”

The BOLT is designed to allow users to go from standard 4” vanes to 2” vanes and will accept all nock designs. For those who have taken up the crossbow, or are shooting larger diameter arrows this unique fletching jig will make bolt/arrow making easier and perceptibly help tighten groups and improve accuracy in the field even when shooting broadheads.”

The ARIZONA E-Z FLETCH is a compact, lightweight unit that is easy to use, even in the field. The patented design ensures precision vane alignment every time.

For those who want precision arrows regardless of the fletching material from vanes to feathers and shafts of aluminum, wood or carbon, regardless of the diameter and if you want to save money and enjoy doing it yourself, nothing beats the ARIZONA E-Z FLETCH.

And here are statements from customers:

*The Arizona E-Z-Fletch Mini is perfect for the popular short, high profile vanes. It lets you fletch 3 vanes up to 2 ¼” with a maximum helical for carbon hunting arrows. The Mini’s exacting helical gives you faster broadhead stabilization too. It’s extremely easy to use and I find I shoot tighter groups with the E-Z-Fletch Also, you can fletch arrows anywhere with the E-Z Fletch, for example I’ve fletched arrows right in my ground blind during a wild turkey bowhunt. Robert Hoague: Webmaster

*I have been fletching my own arrows for over 20 years. I even got my kids involved in arrow building when they were in grade school. E-Z Fletch adds a touch of personal quality to the hunt. Wade Nolan bowhunting biologist

*I must write to tell you that you have an amazing product. I’ve been fletching crossbow and regular arrows since I got these new fletchers two days ago. This is the solution I’ve been searching for. I especially like the way it “cups” the vanes. I’ve tried nearly every fletching machine on the market and yours beats them hands down. Michael R. Wisseman- Arrowhead Outdoors, Springs, PA

*The Arizona E-Z Fletch is the fastest, easiest, most user friendly, compact, take anywhere, engineered fletching apparatus ever invented, period! I carry mine everywhere I hunt. I can’t even tell you how many frequent flyer miles it has earned from Africa to Canada. It has made many friends in hunting camp by repairing damaged or missing fletch in seconds! On one occasion I met a fella in Africa that purchased new arrows for his safari who was getting very frustrated during his practice session with erratic broadhead flight. I let him shoot one of my arrows fletched with the E-Z Fletch and broadhead flight was perfect! I gave him three of my arrows for the afternoon hunt and took three of his to the blind with me and re-fletched them with the E-Z Fletch, Goat Tuff Glue and Goat Tuff Opti-Vanes. Because of the E-Z Fletch design of producing maximum helical for carbon shafts, the arrows shot the broadheads great! I won’t even begin to fine tune a bow shooting a broadhead without using arrows fletched with the Arizona E-Z Fletch! Ty Weaver: bowhunter & writer.

*I just got my E-Z Fletch and began using it tonight after the kids when to bed. It took me longer to get everything out of the packaging that it did to refletch 5 arrows. I did 2″ blazer vanes tonight, but I got the bigger model so I could do 4″ duravanes for hunting and 4″/5″ feathers for my recurve. I love this tool and it is so much cheaper to do it yourself. Thanks! Chris Hazlewood

*I used the E-Z Fletch Mini and my arrows shoot through the Whisker Biscuit just fine and my groups are tighter! I have never fletched arrows that quickly before. Brandon Napier

*I have used the Arizona E-Z fletch for over ten years. I started in this industry fletching arrows for an archery shop in San Diego. Way back then I was using a commercial jig that would allow you to do six arrows at a time. However, I would always have to redo arrows because a fletching would not be at the same height as the other one, or one of the sides would not adhere to the arrow. I had seen the E-Z Fletch back then but thought of it more as a fad. Boy, how wrong I was. When I started writing professionally, I was sent a couple of them and have not used anyother product to fletch my arrows since. The great thing is, they have them for any kind of arrow that you can think of. From aluminum to carbon, slim arrows to big old fat ones. Heck, they even have them for crossbow bolts. So the next time you are looking for some way to fletch your arrows try one of the many Arizona E-Z fletches. That is the brand I use and trust and is the official arrow fletching tool of Outdoor Product Review. Jason Balazs: Product Review Specialist, writer.

To see the E-Z Fletch in action just CLICK HERE.

To see the E-Z Fletch in action just CLICK HERE.

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