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By: Tim Herald

By: Tim Herald

Carbon Express PileDriver Pass Thru Extreme takes Small Diameter Arrows to an All New Level.
CX’s new small diameter arrow with their revolutionary insert will take hunters to a new plane of accuracy and penetration.

OCT50762-50761_PileDrivwebIt only stands to reason that a smaller diameter arrow is going to penetrate better. There is less surface area for friction and drag, and if you channel the kinetic energy of the arrow into a smaller area, it is more concentrated and will penetrate farther. So what makes the new Carbon Express PileDriver Pass Thru Extreme better than all the other small diameter arrows on the market? Let’s take a look.

First, let’s look at the PileDriver Pass Thru Extreme’s shaft itself. As mentioned above, small diameter shafts intrinsically penetrate better, but this slim-line shaft also reduces wind drift through less surface area, and that produces superior accuracy. This really makes a difference on blustery days or in the West where the wind always seems to be blowing, but you will be surprised how much it will help in just a slight breeze.

As with all Carbon Express arrows, the PileDriver Pass Thru Extreme shafts are produced with the industry’s tightest tolerances. All PileDriver series 6 and 12 pack sets are sorted and matched by weight for best in class consistency with a weight sorting tolerance of only +/-2.0 grains. Every shaft is laser checked for straightness to 1/10,000 of an inch, so you know your shafts are as straight as you can get, period. They also have a high polish finish that makes for a super quiet draw on the arrow rest, and aids in easy removal from targets.

All of the PileDriver arrows also come fletched with Carbon Express’ exclusive 2-inch NRG-2 performance veins. These veins produce maximum arrow velocity and greater accuracy. Theses arrows also come with Carbon Express TCX nocks for consistent arrow release.

What really sets the PileDriver Pass Thru Extreme apart from other small diameter arrows to me is the unique PTX Half-Out Insert that is designed for maximum strength, precision and knock-down power and can accommodate any standard size broadhead.. These inserts weigh 44 grains and deliver 4 times more kinetic energy than traditional aluminum inserts and twice the kinetic energy of traditional micro-diameter inserts.

The PTX inserts are supremely strong as they are made from carbon steel that is 3 times as strong as aluminum inserts. They fit industry standard thread size (32TPI) that allows use of traditional industry standard fixed or mechanical broadheads as well as standard field points. Standard broadheads are significantly stronger than those designed specifically to fit micro-diameter shafts. These “regular” broadheads are also much easier for hunters to find at retailers.

Since the PTX inserts are machined from carbon steel, they naturally have stronger threads than aluminum inserts, and this ensures that broadheads stay securely in place upon impact. This is a very important attribute when making a clean and ethical harvest.

As always, Carbon Express is dedicated to helping all shooters at all levels “Shoot Better”, and for hunters who prefer the ultimate penetration of slim-line shafts, the PileDriver Pass Thru Extreme will be your ticket to do just that. These truly are amazing arrows.

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