The Millennium L200 and L220 18-foot double ladder stands are large and spacious enough for you and your best buddy, whether he or she is an adult or a youngster.

These buddy stands are designed for extreme comfort with ComfortTech seats, adjustable shooting rails and folding foot rests, making all-day hunting a breeze.

The double-ladder rails provide more support and eliminate any sway in the stand as you climb up or down, making both of these stands easier and safer to set up than single-rail stands.

These double ladder stands measure 18 feet from base to the back blade, giving you the height you need to make the shot you want. The stands have weight ratings of 500 lbs., allowing two full-grown adults to hunt together.

The L220 stand features a convenient over-sized platform that provides hunters the space they need for adjustment before folding down the seat.

For top-of-the line comfort and durability in a stand built for two, consider Millennium’s L200 or L220 ladder stands.

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