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Oct 4: Before I went out for the afternoon deer hunt I decided to practice a while. When I pulled my bow out it hung on up something. I had a knee jerk reaction and yanked it. Twice. Afterward, when I nocked my arrow I saw my arrowrest was goofed up, it didn’t seat like I remembered it doing before..

I took a practice shot and it was right in the bull. However the next 8 shots were all over; left. right, low and high. Something was wrong.

I called my bow technician friend Jimmy Mitchell and he said to come over in the morning at 11:00 and he and Pro shooter Gene Curry would, hopefully, fix it for me. So I missed out on the afternoon bowhunt and in the morning I made the one hour drive to Jimmy’s Red Oak Ranch.


Jimmy Mitchell’s Red Oak Ranch offers bowhunters excellent trophy whitetail bowhunts. You can check out the website at and see some impressive bucks and big racks.

Gene Curry looked my bow over, it’s a new Empire from Bear Archery and it’s been a great shooting bow. Until yesterday when I messed up something on the arrowrest. The rest is the Trophy Ridge Revolution, it’s containment and drop away rest, a very innovative idea and equally cleaver design. It keeps my arrow ready and in place when it’s nocked. And when I shoot the rest drops out of the way lightening fast.

But right now it wasn’t holding my arrow correctly. Gene took his time and thoroughly inspected the rest. He noticed a bolt on the rest was loose and tightened it. Then he showed me what the problem was.


ASA and IBO Pro Archer Gene Curry is top expert at bow tuning and is making adjustments to my arrowrest that are making it work properly.

The rest has a cord that attaches to the rest and then is served onto the bow’s cable. The cord was too long now and the rest couldn’t work correctly. My double yank was the culprit. Gene adjusted the cord length and watched while I drew the bow a few times. Then Gene took a few shots and made a minute adjustment to the cord length. Now the rest was working perfectly again.

Gene shot two arrows through the Paper Tuner and looked at the tears. “You have a bad left tear. Something is out of tune on your bow.

Yesterday, on the phone, I told Jimmy Mitchell I was switching arrows to the new Maxima Red carbon arrows by Carbon Express. Jimmy had told me to bring them and he would cut them to the proper length and I could fletch some up.

But first we drove to Zepher, Texas to the Zepher Cafe and and had some good home style cooking for lunch. I had fried catfish and shrimp plate with cole slaw, bbq beans, mac and cheese, corn bread and yellow cake with chocolate frosting. It was as good as it sounds.

When we returned to Red Oak Ranch it was my turn to do some work on this project and make a few arrows.


BOWHUNTING for DEER 2013 is Sponsored by, ThermaCELL, ACCESS Original Roll-Up Cover, Bowhunting Adventures Magazine and