Information is a huge benefit to the enjoyment and success of your deer hunting. But one thing I’ve noticed in hunting camps all around the country, from years gone by and even this season, there is quite a bit of Miss-Information being shared with other deerhunters. One of the subjects that is miss-informationed around a lot is the “Mock Scrapes”.

Done right, you can  create Mock Scrapes that bring in bucks as well as estrus does. But what do you use to make it and how do you do it so it works.

Done wrong (or carelessly), you will alert deer that you are in their area and run them away from where you are hunting.

So, when I saw this video about Making Effective Mock Scrapes by Wildlife Research Center I was impressed with the content and visual examples of how to make Mock Scrapes that work.

Personally I am a big fan of Wildlife Research Center’s Scent Products and in particular their Scrape Drippers, along with the variety of deer scents that are offered. This video gets right to it  and tells and shows you  how to make Mock Scrapes that WILL bring in the bucks in your area. And of course, it tells you what your deer scents and lures need to be to really effective.

Learn how to find the right area for your Mock Scrapes as well as how to best make a Mock Scrape that challenges area bucks and makes them think a rival buck is trying to take over their area.

To my way of thinking, this video is a must see video for all deerhunters. Making Effective Mock Scrapes


Visit the website of Wildlife Research Center, inc.