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By: Jim Miller

By: Jim Miller

This can be a difficult decision to make considering the tremendous choices in bows we have today but with the right attitude, a good starting point with a good selection to choose from and a good dealer to help you, it can be a fun day with a good reward at the end.

(1) What is the bow going to be used for; hunting, target, IBO? It matters so define that for your dealer.

(2) What is your budget? Be realistic. You know your range so tell the Pro Shop how much money you want to spend. That will establish a starting point.

(3) You probably have some idea as to a particular make or model you are interested in so ask your dealer if sells that company’s product and what else he has that may be comparable. Ask the dealer too, if you can try all of the bows that fit your criteria. Most dealers have a range that will let you shoot the bows you are interested in.

(4) Once you have a few bows in mind, pick them up like you are going to shoot them. How does the bow feel in your hand? Everyone has a different hand configuration so you want the bow to feel good and comfortable in your hand, even before you shoot it. If a bow just doesn’t ‘feel’ right to you, put it down and go to the next one.

(5) How does the bow feel when you shoot it? If the bow feels good in your hand, how does it feel when you actually shoot it? This brings into play the smoothness of the draw, how the grip and the bow settles into your hand and anchor. Is it steady at full draw while aiming? And how does it feel when you release the arrow? Is the release crisp? Is the bow quiet? Is the release smooth? And how is the vibration and hand shock on release? Does the bow settle nicely in your hand after the shot?

(6) Once you’ve shot all the bows in your price range you can determine how each one felt to you. Then you can weed down your list further.

(7) Next comes how the bow looks to you. Let’s face it, aesthetics are important so your bow has to look good to you and that would include fit and finish. Quality is important so make sure you look over the finish and how each part seats within the bow.

(8) Accessories like quivers, sights, arrow rests are important too so be sure and ask the dealer what accessories are available either from the manufacturer or other companies that would work with your bow choice.

(9) Warranty: As you narrow your search also be aware of the company’s reputation and how well they stand behind their products and what the warranty is. This is where your dealer comes in. Be sure and tap into his knowledge of the products he sells. If you should have a problem, how well will the manufacturer work with you to fix it?

Choosing a new bow is about a few things but if you stick to this basic guideline I’m sure you and your dealer can come up with a choice you will be happy with. Bows are not inexpensive items so you want to make sure you are going to be happy in all respects with the one you decide on as you’ll probably be keeping it for a couple of years.

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