Take a Child Hunting in an Advantage Hunting Blind

Advantage-Blind-KidHunterA child’s first hunting trip can ignite a passion for hunting and the outdoors that lasts his or her entire life. That same desire drives adult hunters to leave a legacy and pass on the tradition of hunting to the next generation. Cultivating that love in a child requires preparation, which is why Advantage Hunting Blinds are where you need to begin.

As the leader in portable, rigid, lightweight and scent-proof blinds, Advantage Hunting Blinds are so roomy and technologically advanced that you and your child will not doubt enjoy hunting to a greater extent when hunting from one of these blinds. Extreme comfort combined with less maintenance make both the Deluxe Blind and the Whitetail Blind ideal for introducing a young hunter to the outdoors.

The Deluxe Blind is a top-of-the-line blind outfitted with the Advantage Hunting revolutionary patented scent-proof design. Much like a chimney, the air-tight Deluxe Blind pulls in fresh air through intake ports located near the base of the blind and drafts air up and out of an exhaust pipe located over 30 feet above the ground.

Deluxe ground blind from Advantage Hunting.

This technology allows you to hunt on the ground or elevated without the worry of being detected. Available with either a locking, full-size walk-in door or a trap-door through the floor, the Deluxe Blind is also equipped with windows that flip up out of the way when open or seal against a gasket to maintain the scent-tight and weather-proof seal while closed. This polyethylene olive drab shell is also made available in a two- or four-person, bug-resistant design. The tinted corner viewing windows allow for a 360-degree view assuring your hunting buddy does not miss a moment of action.

Keeping with the same comfort and user-friendly theme, the weather-/bug-resistant Whitetail Blind has a black exterior/interior and is also available in either a two- or four-person design.

Whitetail ground blkind from Advantage Hunting

As a hunter you have the option of entering through an outside hinged locking door or a trapdoor through the floor. The 360-degree tinted corner viewing windows coupled with the hinged Polycarbonate windows that flip up and out of your way allow for the perfect set up to prepare a youngster for that perfect shot. You need not worry about noise as the Whitetail Blind has a carpeted ¾” pressure-treated plywood floor throughout. Lightweight and virtually maintenance-free, the Whitetail Blind is perfect for any and all hunting adventures.

So give back to something that has given so much to you by taking a child hunting this season in a Deluxe or Whitetail Blind. Whether you choose to hunt elevated or on the ground, one thing is for certain, you will have the Advantage.

Note: Both the Deluxe Blind and Whitetail Blind can be elevated by way of the appropriate Advantage Hunting Quadpod Kit, but should always be used with caution and common sense.

For more information, visit Advantage Hunting online at www.advantagehunting.com

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