Wildgame Innovations, the leading manufacturer in game management, introduces the Pile Driv’r™ auger feeder system.


With supplemental feeding rapidly becoming one of the most important aspects of quality deer management, Wildgame Innovations™ is announcing a new kind of feeder that maximizes the potential of supplemental feed. The Pile Driv’r™ auger feeder system is designed to hold and deliver supplemental feed at set times throughout the day.

Unlike other feeders, which get easily clogged with powder-type feed, this auger feeder pushes the powder feed out to prevent clogs. The Pile Driv’r also allows you to mix feed types, such as corn or protein pellets, with mineral or powder attractants like Sugar Beet Crush or Roasted Corn Freaks.

The auger can hold up to 30 pounds of feed and the digital timer allows for up to six customizable feed times to be set. Rather than just throwing your feed or minerals on the ground, allow the new auger feeder to do the work for you, and you can rest at ease knowing that your money isn’t going to waste the next time it rains. Constructed of heavy-duty, weather-resistant material and designed not to clog, the auger is the perfect feeder for growing big bucks on your property.

Pile Driv’r™ Auger Feeder System Features

• Durable 30 lbs poly barrel (depending on feed density)
• Auger delivery system, controllable dispersion
• Powdered minerals, bran, corn or pellets
• Designed not to clog (no matter feed type or climate)
• Unique powerful gear system
• Design for easy placement (Hanging or Ratchet Straps)
• Weather resistant (electronics enclosed inside the unit)
• Six available feed times
• 12V battery operation (battery not included)
• Weight – 9lbs
• MSRP: $119.99
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