Flextone Torch Series E-Calls

Wildgame Innovations is proud to introduce the addition of the new Flextone Torch Series E-Calls to the WGI electronic game call product line.

The Torch Series E-Calls were created with a combined effort of Wildgame and Flextone Game Calls. Flextone is recognized by hunters everywhere as the premier manufacturer of calls in the nation. These two prestigious companies have worked as one to create the best electronic game calls on the market.

The Torch Series E-Calls include the EZ1 and EZ2 models. The handheld calls offer high quality sound and stunning volume with the powerful directional speakers. The calls have a sleek, ergonomically designed grip and include a rubber-coated lanyard for easy access when on the hunt.


The Torch EZ1 E-Call comes with three categories of game calls. Choose from turkey, deer and predator calls to match the game you are pursuing.

The Torch EZ2 E-Call offers three game call categories including deer, moose and predator. The EZ2 offers bilingual settings in both English and French to suit hunters chasing moose in the U.S. or French-Canadian Provinces.

For more information about the Flextone Torch Series E-Calls or other WGI products, please visit www.wildgameinnovations.com.

About Flextone Game Calls: Flextone Game Calls was established in 1997 when a single piece of surgical tubing was transformed into a lifelike-sounding duck call. Flextone® Game Calls are designed with a soft, flexible passage chamber to mimic the anatomy of mammals and birds to produce these truer, more natural sounds. Flextone® has a full line of deer, predator, turkey and waterfowl calls using this patented technology. The more natural sounding the call, the more animals will respond to it and the more success you will have in the field. www.flextonegamecalls.com.

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