By: Gary Elliott

By: Gary Elliott

A new multi-purpose tool from Leatherman is an archer’s field tool come true.
Made of 420 heat treated stainless steel with a nice black oxide finish, this 4.8”, 2.6 oz. tool is small enough to fit in a pocket or use the built in carabiner to clip it right on your field pack. The Leatherman Cam may just become the all-in-one bow tool of the year.

It is accompanied with a nylon sheath and a 25 year warranty. Yes, I said 25 year warranty. With 5 tools, 4 bits and the following: Broadhead Wrench 440C Gut Hook Bit Driver INCLUDED BITS: 1/16-.050 bit, 1/8-7/64 bit, 5/32- 9/64 bit, and 3/16-7/32 bit Ceramic Broadhead Sharpening Stick Carabiner.

The gut hook on the Leatherman Cam serves a good purpose. Not only does it zip across a deer skin but, came in handy when at work when one of my field staff had to open up boxes. The Knife sharpener to him became the most useful to him because, his pocket knife he always carries gets used quite a bit and with the knife sharpener he can always keep a sharp edge on his pocket knife. Another useful piece of the Leatherman Cam was the broad head tool when changing out Broadheads on arrows they can be snug and no cut fingers.


The allen head wrenches really come in handy when working on a bow and adjusting or changing the module on the cams. Lastly, the carabiner was a hit because how easy it clips on and it is so easy to take off your side when ready to use it. All in all this is a great product and serves many useful purposes when you are looking for the right bow tool and retails for $45. There are two other members of the CAM family and they are the shotgun specific “PUMP” and the AR maintenance all-in-one tool the “RAIL”. For more information go to www.leatherman.com
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