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Nancy Jo Adams

Nancy Jo Adams is a freelance writer, columnist, dedicated blogger, avid huntress and founder of Ladies in Camo. Introduced to hunting in  2006. Shortly after she started attending  women’s events to learn about the sport and took Beginner’s Archery and Shotgunning 101 then set out looking for hunts where she could participate with other women.

Unable to find those hunts, she decided her to coordinate her own. By the 11th hunt she realized there was a need for mentoring women in the sport of hunting; providing them with opportunities to attend economical hunts with quality outfitters for a variety of game animals. Nancy Jo  formed Ladies in Camo with the help of other dedica ted women Ladies in Camo was launched on February 29, 2o12.

Ladies in Camo is an  advocate for women in the sport of hunting, those that mentor women hunters and to those outfitters who are willing to do all they can to make these hunts, not only successful, but also affordable for women to attend.

Founder of Ladies in Camo
Member of Professional Outdoor Media Association (POMA)
Published articles & product reviews for various publications (print & online):
Women’s Outdoor News, Guru Huntress
Woman Hunter Magazine
Yukon ProStaff
Doinker Silver Shooting Staff
Strother Archery
Member of NWTF/WITO
Blog: Shenanigans From the Field ( <>)

“Hunt hard, harvest ethically and may your drag be short.” ~Nancy Jo 


Teri Lancaster

Teri Landcaster is a native of Florida and currently lives in Ruskin, FL. with her husband, best friend and favorite hunting partner and their 3 four-legged children; who are spoiled rotten. Teri was introduced to hunting by her husband in  2008 years ago and was hooked immediately.

She started out rifle hunting, and in the fall of 2009 picked up a bow and has not put it down since. In Spring of 2009, she achieved a turkey Grand Slam in 3 months. Her proudest moment was in June 2011 when she climbed up a mountain and then shot a 6 ft black bear with her bow. She recently became a board member for a non-profit youth organization that offers second chance alternatives for young men who may have otherwise been caught in the downward spiral of incarceration.

Teri enjoys fishing, writing, reading, boating, pedicures and visiting the beach.  Would rather be outside than at her desk and loves sharing tales and  pictures of her hunting adventures.

Regional Staff and Membership Coordinator with Ladies in Camo
Field Staff with Prois

Jeanne Peebles

Jeanne Peebles  was born and raised in Saraland, AL.  Married to her best friend, David, for 30 years and has been blessed with  daughter Ashley and her fiancé Kenneth.  Absolutely loves spending time with  family she has worked at Alabama Orthopedic Clinic as a Scheduler/Supervisor for 27 years.  Jeanne was raised around hunting and fishing but did not  get involved  until about 1997 when she started going with her husband as a way to spend time with him. he became her mentor and by her 2nd second year she was hooked.

A whitetail hunter she booked a hog hunt with Nancy Jo and the Ladies in Camo, had a ‘blast’ and hearing everything the Ladies in Camo were doing she wanted to be a part of it.  ” I knew after meeting so many great ladies, making life long friends and having them cheer me on as I learned new things that I wanted to encourage others in the same way.”

Outside of hunting and fishing, she enjoy photography, reading, writing, travel and auctions….but would stop doing any of them at a moment’s notice for a chance to be in the woods!

Looking forward to sharing camp and a hunting adventure or two with you somewhere down the road!

Regional Staff and Admin Assistant with Ladies in Camo


Misty Lou Lyman

MistyLou Lymon – Born and raised in rural North Alabama, Misty has been a hunter since she was big enough to walk, and even the dark nights and the fear of getting lost in the woods in the dark didn’t deter her from hunting raccoon with my grandfather as young as 4 years old. Something about the sound of a hound treeing a coon that kept me interested….We routinely hunt whitetail, coyote and turkey, but are very interested in harvesting other game as well.

Misty lives on a Paint/Quarter horse farm in Ardmore, AL with her husband Jason who she says is ” My best friend, hunting partner and life sized turkey call” and son Landon who has been in the woods since the age of 2, loves to hunt and at age 6 he still asks for “Deer hunting movies” and thinks Alabama’s turkey season is better than Christmas. The family also includes  two college attending step sons, Cody and Zack. Misty and Jason raise horses and when shes not riding or hunting she is working as a urology nurse in Huntsville, AL.

A southern girl by birth, a hunter by the grace of God Misty’s goal is to touch every woman and child possible and  give them the opportunity to learn about hunting. She loves to write about the outdoors, and currently writes for several magazines and newspapers.

Youth Hunt Coordinator with Ladies in Camo
Field Staff with Prois


Diane Hassinger

Diane Hassinger – Growing up in Mars, Pennsylvania  Diane’s family had a fishing camp on the shores of Pymatuning Lake where she could often be found fishing the shallows. No one in her family hunted so she learned about hunting through voraciously reading every book and magazine she could get my hands on. When she  married her husband Dale, it was refreshing as he was a hunter and fisherman. Now the family goes on hunting and fishing trips together. Diane and Dale have 4 children; Shannon, Leann and their adopted children Kaitlyn and Cy. Tragically they their son Mathew in a boating accident 15 years ago who died courageously trying to save his friend from drowning. The family has expanded with the addition of 7 grandchildren; Sarah, Ryan, Caleb, Eliana, Ginger, Chaney and Earl.

Having hunted and fished some of the most beautiful places on the world Diane recently hunted plains game  in South Africa where she took 6 fantastic trophy animals, the meat from which will feed the local villagers for a long time.  This summer she is planning a trophy bear hunt in Saskatchewan and gators with crossbows in Florida.

Diane prefers her compound bow for hunting, she had a bout with breast cancer that resulted in  a bilateral mastectomy in 2010. Following surgery among her concerns was if she would ever be able to fish, bow hunt, or shoot shotguns and rifles again. No one had ever asked these questions of her doctors and she was delighted to prove to everyone, that not only is it possible, but one can be successful as well. Working still to build up  the muscles destroyed in the surgery, Diane hunts with  a crossbow with a handicap designation, as well as my rifles and shotguns.

“We all have scars that have made us the people we are. Emotional or physical, the scars are a reminder of your strength. I am proud to not only say I am a cancer survivor, but I am enjoying life!  Nothing can beat taking your kids and grandchildren out, spending the day hunting or fishing together.  Everyone should get out and do what they love every opportunity they can.”

“Love the Life you Live, Live the Life you Love” (Bob Marley)

Regional Staff and Tails of the Hunt Coordinator with Ladies in Camo <>
Personal Blog: <> <>

Memberships :
POMA-Professional Outdoor Media Association
NSSF-National Shooting Sports Foundation
National Rifle Association-Life Member
NWTF-National Wild Turkey Federation
Safari Club International
Twenty Up Productions-Pro Staff
Big Bear Scents-Pro Staff
Padi Certified in Open Water Scuba Diving.
Technohunt Bow League @ Shooter’s Showcase

Michelle Harmes

Michelle Harmes – Michelle grew in Alaska and was blessed with a love of fishing, however didn’t start hunting until she was 28. In 2001, she married the love of her  life who introduced her to hunting. Grateful for all he has and continues to teach her, she feels he is the best coach/mentor one could ask for as well as an amazing hunting partner.

Having always felt a connection with archery she was hooked from the minute she shot her first arrow.  Her first first archery trophy was a Hawaiian sow. Moving to Alabama  opened a whole new world of hunting and fishing  where Michelle also started bowfishing, a sport that combines her love of archery with her love of fishing.

In the summer of 2011 she joined a women’s hunting forum and was amazed to find other women like herself. She also saw an announcement in the forum for a ladies hunt at an outfitter less than 2 hours from her home,  sent an email asking for more information and before Nancy Jo could reply sent another email to book the hunt.

Hunting with an outfitter and other women was a wonderful experience and helped bring Michelle into the Ladies in Camo group and define her goal with Ladies in Camo to encourage other women to hunt, enjoy an amazing time hunting and pass  their passion on to others. She knows how important it is to keep our hunting heritage alive and thriving for this generation and those that follow.

“If I am fishing for King Salmon in pristine Alaska, bowfishing alligator in the swamps of Florida, stalking hogs in the hardwood bottoms of Alabama, duck hunting the flooded timber of South Carolina, hunting bear in the isolated woods of Maine, bowhunting whitetail in the hill country of North Missouri, or anywhere else Ladies in Camo takes me, I hope to share camp with you!”

Regional Staff, Web Designer and Writer for Ladies in Camo <>
Yukon Cold Locker Pro Staff <>

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