Sweet Spot, the newest deer attractant from C’Mere Deer, the most recognized manufacturer of deer attractants and lures. After seven years of study and research, C’Mere Deer has formulated the ultimate blend of everything whitetail deer are looking for in both feed and an attractant.

Outdoorsman, fishing expert and bowhunter, Hank Parker says, “Sweet Spot works beyond belief!”


With so many years of research and field testing, Sweet Spot has been proven to work within three days. Sweet Spot is supercharged with F5, a special blend of key ingredients from other successful C’Mere Deer products.

Sweet Spot is similar to 3-­?Day Harvest, only it’s on steroids. It will successfully draw deer from long distances and keep them coming back for more. Field tests have shown that it increases deer activity around the area. Sweet Spot can be used 365 days a year with continued success. It is especially effective in late season when deer are focused on finding food.

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