Sponsored by: The Physically Challenged Bowhunters of America & Barnett Crossbows


By: Doug Bermel

The Buck Cage

This item is not only for the disabled hunter but I thought it was the neatest product I saw at the Bowhunting Super Show. It is a revolutionary scent dispensing device that uses super absorbent Polymer crystals to contain and distribute scent.

The Buck Cage is made of durable silicone and will not freeze and is a simple product to use. The carrying case is a pop open bottle and inside is the cage that holds the crystals. You squeeze the case and the top pops open. Remove the cage, add the crystals. The you replace the cage back in and add a ½ ounce of your favorite deer lure. Let it stand for at least an hour, overnight is better. The crystals absorb the scent and become enlarged.


Go to the spot where you want to hang the cage and pop open the case. The cage has a loop on it to hang on a branch and has a 360 degree opening. There is no mess, you don’t need gloves and you never have to touch any part that has scent. When done put the cage back in the case, shut the cover. You can carry the case in your pocket or pack and nothing will spill out.

The scent filled crystals  last about two weeks or you can change scent anytime by dumping out the crystals, rinsing the cage, add new crystals and scent and you are back in business. The Buck Cage comes in a single pack or  triple pack and  there is also a six refill bead pack. It comes in camo, florescent orange, and camo pink so you can pick the color you want.

If you are like me, whenever I used scents I always seemed to get some on my hands and my clothes always smell like deer scent but not anymore. With the this product I can eliminate this problem. The Buck Cage will definitely be part of my bow hunting arsenal.


For more information you can go to the Buck Cage web sight www.buckcage.com or www.mountainhighhunting.com or call m Chris Walizer 814-329-3034 or Cliff Walizer 814-404-1702.

The Booger

The Booger is manufactured by Walnut Grove Hunting Products right here in the good old USA. It is an item that comes in real handy if you are in a tree stand and drop something. You know how difficult and disruptive it is to go back down and pick up the item you dropped. You won’t have to leave your stand if you have a Booger.


If you’re in a wheelchair and you drop something it always seems to be just a little out of reach, the Booger is the answer here too. The Booger is a simple little product that fits in your hand and operates similar to a mousetrap. You open the fingers and insert the trigger ears into the holes on each side. When the trigger hit’s the object the finger close around the dropped item and you can haul it back to you.


For smooth surface items you attach an ‘O’ Ring over the end two fingers. This helps grasp things like a water bottle or an arrow. You can attach any length of rope to accommodate the distance you need to retrieve something. It comes with a camo bag that is easily attached with Velco to your belt or tree stand. So if you are like me and always seem to be dropping things The Booger is the right tool for you.