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By: Tracy Breen

By: Tracy Breen

Crossbows are gaining in popularity like never before. Bowhunters from yesteryear who haven’t hunted with a bow in years are picking up a crossbow and hunting. Gun hunters who haven’t bowhunted before are getting into the sport of archery for the first time. As a result, more companies are putting their thinking caps on and designing top notch crossbows. One company is Carbon Express. Carbon Express is best known for making some of the best arrows on the market.  They are now offering crossbows and for 2013, they have a new crossbow that crossbow hunters will love called the Intercept.

If you take a look at the Intercept, the first thing you will notice is it looks like a mix between a crossbow and a high powered AR-15 rifle. That was no mistake. The Intercept comes with many sporting rifle features. This makes perfect sense when you realize that many first time crossbow users are gun hunters who are making the switch.

For starters, the Intercept comes with extreme adjustability. The stock on the Intercept can be adjusted to fit any shooter similar to a stock on an AR rifle so adult men, women and youth hunters can shoot the crossbow without a hassle.  “The LOP (length of pull) can adjust from 12 inches to 17.5 inches and the 5-Position Folding Fore Grip can be adjusted along a 9 inch picatinny rail, giving the ability to custom fit the crossbow to your personal preference.  It also has a 6-position butt stock,” Jeff Pestrue from Carbon Express said.  With such an amazing amount of adjustability, the crossbow can be custom fit to almost anyone.

With over 29 inches of picatinny rail, this crossbow can accept a wide variety of accessories like an AR style rifle. It is designed to accommodate most military or commercial spec parts and takes advantage of an entire worldwide aftermarket industry for tactical guns. You can customize the stock, grip, fore grip, scope/sight, sling, and an unlimited number of other tactical shooting accessories to fit your hunting setup. It is almost like having a custom gun.


I am sure some of you who will be buying the Intercept would like to set the entire thing up yourself. There is good news. The Intercept is almost entirely setup right out of the box. “The Intercept comes assembled. You just have to install the stock end onto the already installed buffer tube and install the scope and quiver to your personal preference,” Pestrue said.

One thing I noticed about the Intercept was the quiver. The quiver can attach to the picatinny rail which keeps the quiver out of the way when maneuvering the crossbow. The crossbow has a low profile foot stirrup and it is only 13.5 inches wide when cocked. All of these features means the crossbows is easy to use in a tight spot like a ground blind or treestand.

The Intercept doesn’t just look like a gun; the trigger feels like one too. The crisp trigger has only 3.5 pounds of pull. Couple that with the fact the crossbow utilizes quick detach scope mounts on the picatinny rail and you have a crossbow that is almost like a sniper rifle. Snap the scope in place and squeeze the trigger. The crossbow also accepts AR style slings.

The Intercept lets a bolt fly at 360 feet per second and has a draw weight of 175 pounds. The Intercept has a built in anti-dry fire system and comes with several accessories including a 4×32 Glass Etched Reticle, Illuminated Scope, 3-Arrow Quick Detach Quiver, 3 Maxima Blue Streak® Bolts, Field Points, Cocking Rope, and Rail Lube.

If you are looking for a crossbow that can be customized, looks awesome and is fun to shoot, check out the innovative Intercept from Carbon Express.

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About The Author: Tracy Breen is a full-time outdoor writer, speaker and marketing consultant in the outdoor industry. He works with a variety of companies including Mathews, Mission, Pine Ridge Archery and Carbon Express. Learn more about him by visiting