By: Gary Elliott

By: Gary Elliott

Pressing today’s bows can be downright dangerous if not pressed properly and the standard finger brackets no longer are enough to safely press today’s bows.

While bow technology is developing faster than companies and manufacturers can keep up with it seems only one company’s bow press is keeping up with them.

While at the Bowhunters Super Show in Cleveland I passed by a booth featuring a bow press. It had a clean aesthetic look and looking closer I saw the press was, a one of a kind, diverse bow press.

With only a couple of major players in the bow press industry it appears that the secret is out and George Gouramanis is going to change all that with the SPIKEPRESS™. After stopping for a closer look of the SPIKEPRESS™, I was convinced this man has the answer to pressing any of today’s high tech bows safely with room to grow.

With the traditional presses that use only finger brackets, there are issues such as bow drop, interference with new cams and point of contact where the brackets actually press the bow. As a bow technician I saw for myself that SPIKEPRESS™ changes all of this.

The SpikePress Bow Press From: Archery Tooling Corp.

The SpikePress Bow Press
From: Archery Tooling Corp.

The SPIKEPRESS™ basic package includes four solid-limb grippers, four split-limb grippers, and four “L”-shaped pins. This package alone will enable the pressing of most any bow. Pins for the Bowtech Insanity, Experience and Matthews can be purchased separately.


This press can also safely press any crossbow as well.The Crossbow Package is sold separately and consists of four 10 3/4″ long spike pins, which can be used with the grippers or with the four white Delrin boots.

The four pins are made of, ½” diameter 304 stainless steel which are used in architectural moldings, trim, kitchen equipment, welded components of chemical textile, paper and pharmaceutical along with, chemical industry processing equipment.

“The “SPIKE” pins are machined with a reverse angle to allow the pivoting of the bow when it is being compressed. The four pins are also engaged with four grippers, holding the bow in place before and after the compression.”

SPIKEPRESS™ also comes with four spike pins, four grippers, four “L” shaped pins which aide in the transition from the older bows to the newer parallel and beyond parallel bows and a ball-point hex driver. Using a unique “pin system” the press allows you to convert your bow press to a crossbow press just by using the crossbow kit. This kit includes four 10 3/4? long spike pins, which can be used with the grippers, four Delrin booties and four 3” long adapter pins. The maximum opening of the press is 50” and the minimum using the crossbow attachments is 13 ½”.

Keep in mind that today’s bows if not pressed properly and become damaged due to improper pressing may not be covered under warranty. Such bows as the Bowtech Insanity and Experience have such a warranty. So, why take a chance with and old style press to press a new style bow, when you can own a press that allows you to safely press any bow?

When I took this press to a big box outdoor store where I work in the archery department the other bow technicians didn’t know what to think. But, after using the press I noticed the SPIKEPRESS™ was being used more and the other press had been moved aside. Access to the cams is so much better with the SPIKEPRESS™ then with other presses. The SPIKEPRESS™ allows you to tear a bow down to the limbs and riser without taking it out of the press.

The owner and designer George explained to me; “There are three ways to press a bow. One is from the tips, the other way is from the “Y” and the other way is from about 1” to 2” from the tip of the limb. These are the industry’s “standards” right now. With this said, everything has to do with what type of bow you are pressing.”

The difference between the SPIKEPRESS™ and all the other bow presses is the SPIKEPRESS™ gives you all three options and the tools to be able to do it.

Archery Tooling Corporation is also the creator and makers of the ATC Bowvise and Pro-Sharp Shooter Camera Bracket. All will be covered in additional reviews coming soon.

In closing it isn’t often I come across a product that lives up to the hype. The SPIKEPRESS™ is exactly what George Gouramanis says this press is and more.

For more information on the SPIKEPRESS™ and other archery products from ATC Tooling visit them at: Also, while you’re there sign up for the forum to join in on discussions with others who own the SPIKEPRESS™ or other great products form ATC.

Review written by: Gary Elliott
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