Robert Hoague
Webmaster of Bowhunting.net

Last year I used the ThermaCELL Heated Insoles Foot Warmers for the first time on some early morning, below freezing deerhunts. Since they were made by ThermaCELL I figured they would be good. They were … and then some. And whenever I get the opportunity I tell other bowhunters about them. They always have questions.

The number one question is, of course, do they keep your feet warm? And number two is, do they get too hot or, three, are they not hot enough.

It’s mid December now in the 2013 deer season and we’re having record cold days regularly. And based on my considerable experience with these insoles I can guarantee you that they will keep your feet warm, I mean nice an toasty with just the right amount of heat, because the heat is adjustable, and you can adjust them warmer or cooler while you are wearing them too.


Once again, ThermaCELL gets the job done right. In terms of a foot warming product this is definitely out of the box thinking that keeps your feet warm and comfortable in cold weather.

You might be thinking, “How out of the box thinking is it?”

To answer that question lets take a look at what hunters buy to keep their feet warm. This is a product niche dominated by packets of some mysterious powder that you stick in your boots and hope for the best. Sometimes they are too hot, others not hot enough. And they get cold too fast.

I know because I’ve used hundreds of the little packets over the years. And if you’ve ever tried electric socks you know they are a joke. All I can say about those types of foot heaters is they aren’t very good, but they’re better than nothing.

But ThermaCELL has come along with something that works.

ThermaCELL Heated insoles are way out of the box. They are Wireless and Rechargable!!!

Now, I’ll bet you’re thinking, “A wireless insole?” “Rechargeable?”

Yep. And it’s that good.

You charge them just like you do your cell phone. In fact, I charge them along side my iPhone. An adapter plugs directly into each insole and, bingo, they charge up while you’re sleeping.


The instructions state the charge will last for 5 hours. But I got 3 days out of mine, with 2 hunts each day, that was 6 different hunts, before I recharged them again.


Absolutely. This is ingenious. You receive a small wireless remote that regulates the heat of the insoles. It has 3 buttons, Off, Medium and High.

Just put the insoles in your hunting boots and use the remote to turn them on and stick it in your pocket. I set the inbsoles on high at first and then usually push the Medium button a little later.

Another thing, the first morning I wore them it was 25 degrees and I wanted to see if they worked or not so I wore cotton socks and used high heat. That made the bottom of my feet get sweaty. So I tried wool and fake wool socks and adjusted the heat between high and medium. That was perfect. No sweating. And warm feet too.

If you’re like me you don’t like getting cold toes and feet when you hunt. Well, those days are gone. ThermaCELL insoles, wireless and rechargeable are the answer.

Visit the web site at www.thermacell.com