GlowPeeps are manufactured from aircraft grade aluminum as Fletcher Tru-Peeps that offer trusted quality and proven reliability. They are anodized to protect the metal then coated with Glowpeep’s special high quality photo luminescent materials for long life. Each Glowpeep is designed to glow for 12 hours per charge… charge after charge.

Shannon Julian Glowpeep designer and company owner noted: “Regardless of your color choice, the GlowPeep is designed to emit a faint glow. The user must allow their eyes to adjust to darkness as they would be in a night time situation. This afterglow is just bright enough to easily locate the peep in low light/darkness without obscuring the ability to see the target. The glow of Glowpeeps also cannot be seen unless the shooters eyes have adjusted to darkness.”

The challenge in designing the perfectly functioning photo luminescent peep was to create the perfect brightness. A peep that glows too brightly may restrict the archers vision of the pins and the target. A peep that doesn’t glow at all, is too weak or doesn’t glow for a long period of time on a charge can also be detrimental to a hunter in low light conditions. The Glowpeep solves all of these problems.

Mr. Julian continued, “It is imperative to understand how best to utilize the Glowpeep. The shooter simply charges the peep with either direct sunlight or a bright flashlight for a few minutes (2-5 minutes should suffice). Allow a few minutes for the luminescent surface to ‘cool’ to a dim glow that we refer to as the ‘Goldilocks Zone’ for effective peep alignment, and maintaining target visual.”

The manufacturer also has a solid Warranty that states, “Should your Glowpeep ever chip, or malfunction we will replace it with a new Glowpeep at no charge.”

The Glowpeeps are available in 3/16”, 7/32” and 1/4” apertures in Green, Orange or Pink

Here is what a few people have to say about the Glowpeep:





“Being a serious turkey hunter I travel all over the country and hunt out of ground blinds. Often times this puts me in low light conditions. Any experienced archer will tell you that the most important thing in a peep sight is that it lets enough light in and also that you are able to find it when there isn’t much light available.

Glow peep is a product that gets the job done every time. It lets light in, is easy to see even in a blind, grabs your attention, and is not a distraction. It remains visible inside the blind but has no halo effect and it is just bright enough to grab your attention to make sure you look through your peep.”

TOM WATSON – Ontario, Canada

“As an outfitter of bow hunting adventures we strongly recommend the Glow Peep by Fletcher Tru-Peeps to all of our customers and prospective hunters because of the dramatic increase in low light visibility and overall ease of peep sight use in all hunting environments”.
Watson’s Kaby Lodge
Canadian Bow Hunting Adventures

DOUG STOUT – Missoula, Montana
DIY Western Big Game Hunter

“Finally peep technology has caught up with pin technology. Now, I can hunt until the last legal minute with GLOWPEEP. In low light conditions being able to center up my pins in my peep is essential for accuracy.”

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