Heartland’s Rack Maker Deer Blocks

Heartland Wildlife Institute, the provider of the finest complete program of deer and wildlife management introduce Rack Maker Deer Blocks – high protein blocks designed to attract deer from miles around.

Featuring 23% protein, Rack Maker Deer Blocks are fortified with quality vitamins and minerals and are designed to supplement regular nutritional sources in your deer habitat. Consumption of these blocks during stressful periods such as the rut and harsh winters helps to bring deer into the spring much healthier, and prepares bucks to tap into these reserves as they develop antler mass.


Rack Maker Deer Blocks now contain Opti-Ferm XL™, a live specialty yeast that improves fiber digestion and increases feed consumption by maintaining the bacteria populations in the rumen and allowing deer to receive more nutrient absorption.

Available in Apple or Acorn flavor, these 33 1/3 lb blocks serve as a powerful attractant, help grow healthier deer with monster racks, and unlike other blocks on the market, Rack Maker Deer Blocks will not fall apart in the rain.

About Heartland Wildlife Institute
Heartland Wildlife Institute, a long time leader in providing quality products to the wildlife industry, is committed to providing the finest, complete program of deer and wildlife management, as well as mineral and food plot supplementation, in order to improve overall quality and health of the deer and wildlife on your land. The new RACK MAKER DEER BLOCKS provides a concentrated form of some of our best, time proven products. To find out more on this product and our complete offerings visit us at: www.heartlandwildlifeinstitute.com.

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