Mathew’s Unveils Arrowweb CT Quiver

The new ArrowWeb® CT™ is Mathews®’ lightest, most compact quiver to date. The CT™, which stands for “compact,” features a reduced profile that improves bow balance while shaving excess weight.

At a glance, the first thing you’ll likely notice is the new GridLock™ hood which parallels the latest technology found in Mathews®’ bow risers. The new ColorShield™ hood-inserts come in 10 distinct colors and enable shooters to match their quiver color with their other Mathews® Genuine Accessories.

“Mathews® Genuine Accessories™ are designed to enhance the performance and experience of Mathews bows,” said Marketing Director, Brad Treu. “While the ArrowWeb® series are among the best selling quivers of all time, we’re never satisfied. After countless hours of R&D, we took to the drawing board with the feedback of our loyal customers in hand. Out of that has come the ArrowWeb® CT-Series™ . . . undoubtedly the best quiver our team has designed,” Treu said.


The ArrowWeb® CT-Series™ Quiver will accommodate expandable or fixed blade broadheads up to 1 1/8 inch. The redesigned foam insert will keep your blades quiet and in place while the new removable BladeShield™ (included) will keep your edges sharp and fingers safe.

Other noteworthy features include the new Quick Release arrow grip, Spider Claw® quiver mount and Harmonic Damper®. We invite you to check out the Mathews® ArrowWeb® CT™ quiver in its 10 available colors at For purchase, please contact your nearest Authorized Mathews Retailer.

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