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By:  Eddie Claypool

By: Eddie Claypool

Having been an archer – and more importantly to me, a bowhunter — for 40 years, any time I see a piece of gear come along that improves my ability to consistently place my hunting arrows where I point them, I’m “all in”…. enter, the Carbon Express Maxima Red Hunting Arrow. Recently, I became exposed to the Maxima Red arrow — which comes equipped with “LaunchPad” precision nocks, Blazer vanes and “Bulldog” nock collars – and I’ve never looked back.

I already knew that Carbon Express shafts were the best out there due to their “K-360 degree” process which integrates a 100% low modular carbon weave into the outer layer of their arrows, providing unmatched strength and spine consistency. Throw in Carbon Express’ patented “Buff Tuff” finish to their shafts – which makes for the world’s toughest and quietest carbon arrow finish – and I had already been “won over” by the incredible performance of Carbon Express arrows.


When they elevated the game even more by introducing the Maxima Red shaft – a shaft that is laser checked for spine consistency, matched weight and straightness to within .0025 inch maximum – I wondered what they had come up with that could beat earlier offerings. Well, was I ever in for a shock……. I soon found out that it IS possible to build a better mousetrap! How about an arrow that is built to be stiffer on both ends, thus better at controlling the dynamic spine (flex) of the shaft upon launch? How about an arrow that manages this dynamic spine issue with such authority that it is possible to use only 2 arrow shafts sizes to cover bow weights from 40-92 lbs.? How about an arrow that does this while maintaining a comparable grain weight to the existing Maxima Hunter shaft, so that a change in bow setup is not necessary? Sounded like a winner to me, so off to the target butt I went…..


Being a meticulous bowhunter that surrounds himself with only “like” equipment, I was excited to see if these high-tech arrows could live up to their billing. If there was something out there that could make me a better shot with broadhead-tipped arrows, I needed/wanted to see, to believe it. After a few dozen 5-arrow groups from various yardages, I had to admit that there was a noticeable improvement in both the tightness of my groups and the accuracy of my groups. Watching the launch and arrow flight of these broadhead-tipped shafts, I was amazed at how “clean” the arrows came out of my bow — nock wobble was non-existent, flying bullet-like. Clearly my Maxima Red shafts were achieving their design function by providing me with a more accurate broadhead-tipped arrow – I was thrilled, and excited, to say the least! I could picture a bunch of large-antlered animals taking dirt-naps soon – after all, bowhunters are big dreamers!

Author with one of many archery trophies.

Author with one of many archery trophies.

For as long as I could remember, broadhead flight had been one of my nemeses. I’d tried every vane configuration possible, mechanical broadheads and unlimited spines of shafting over the years in my pursuit of good broadhead flight –now I had my goal in my hands, Carbon Express Maxima Red Hunting Arrows. By coming up with an arrow shaft that effectively controls the erratic flexing of arrow launch, Carbon Express had killed many demons with one stone.

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