Agri-Cover, Inc, maker of the ACCESS Roll-Up Cover, has a new product that protects their newest product protects campers, boats and trailers from rocks and road debris.  Campers, boats and trailers in general (not to mention their cargo) come with hefty price tags so ROCKSTAR™ the hitch-mounted mud flaps will protect that investment from getting its finish ruined by rocks and road debris.

ROCKSTAR™ mud flaps mount to a 2” receiver hitch, and are easy to install, remove, and re-install.
The flaps are thick with half an inch of rubber standing guard between your trailer and rock damage. The rubber has a smooth finish to resist mud and ice buildup and is rated to handle high temperatures — as high as 250 degrees Fahrenheit.


The custom frame contours to the curves of a pickup’s bumper. It comes in smooth mill finish or bright diamond plate aluminum — materials known for their corrosion resistance.

The product also features a built-in stabilizer plate to keep the frame level with the truck’s bumper. It has openings for easy access to pins and wiring for trailer lights and brakes.

The custom frame and flaps include exhaust holes designed to work with Dodge OEM dual exhaust ports. A heat shield is included with Chevy/GMC 2500 and 3500 truck models and is available for other applications where the exhaust is directed toward the flaps.


Owners of trucks with larger tires or lifted suspensions can consider the Trim To Fit option, which comes with extra-long rubber flaps that can be trimmed to a custom length.

The manufacturer offers a one-year limited warranty on the ROCKSTAR™ hitch-mounted mud flap system.
Agri-Cover, Inc., is a U.S. manufacturer known for its long-lasting ACCESS® Roll-Up Covers for pickups, its innovative line of agricultural tarps, and its dependable SnowSport® Snow Plows. The company has been making quality products for more than three decades and employs more than 120 people at its facility north of Jamestown, N.D.

for more information please visit us at: Agri-Cover, Inc  and the new ROCKSTAR™