Contact your Legislators Today!?? Conservation easement tax incentives have been critical to the overall success of land and wildlife conservation in the United States. These incentives have helped farmers, ranchers, foresters and other landowners voluntarily protect more than 12 million acres essential for wildlife habitat.??Unfortunately, Congress failed to act by December 31st to renew the program and it terminated. This inaction is especially frustrating given the strong bipartisan support the program has historically had in Washington.? You are urged to contact your legislators and encourage them to pass legislation to make permanent the enhanced conservation easement tax incentive program. S.B.526 was introduced in March of 2013 and its companion bill, H.R.2807 (with over 162 co-sponsors), both address solidifying this program. Urge your legislators to co-sponsor or support acting on these bills to make this a permanent program.??To learn more about enhanced conservation easement tax incentives, or what’s at stake if Capital Hill fails to renew this critical program, visit: contact your legislators, go to:  Simply highlight your state and the contact information pops up.

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