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By: Teri Lancaster

By: Teri Lancaster

Being an avid hunter in the south usually means hunting in extreme heat. Wearing a face mask can usually make the hunting conditions even hotter and almost unbearable. Face paint is a cooler alternative for hunters who do not wish to wear a face mask of any kind.

Some brands of face paint can be purchased in a compact style container with a mirror, while others are packaged in tubes. Both of these methods require you to use your fingertips to place the paint on your face and both can be messy to use.


Camo FX® Face Coloring System utilizes a compact, easy to use dial up face paint applicator. As reflected on the company’s website, “CamoFX® is the industry’s first camouflage face coloring system engineered and patented to simultaneously apply a high definition camouflage pattern quickly, evenly and accurately where needed.”


Camo Fx with their 3-color no mess applicator. Photo: Teri Lancaster

Camo Fx with their 3-color no mess applicator.

The applicator is small at approximately 2” tall and 1” wide. The dial designed to move the paint up to apply to skin is located on the bottom of the applicator. Choice of colors range from a variety of greens, grays, browns and black; as well as a new combination coming out January 2014 that incorporates white and grey to be used to blend in with natural snow covered terrain.

I field tested the exclusive Just For Does “Pink” that has a color combination of black, grey and hot pink in the 3-color no mess applicator. I particularly liked this combination, although I was concerned when using these colors on a waterfowl/dove hunt. I was unsure if the pink would deter the ducks from coming in close to the blind, and keep doves from coming within shooting distance.

Quickly ready to go hunting. Photo: Teri Lancaster

Quickly, ready to go hunting

I was relieved to learn that the color combination did not spook or alert the doves or ducks. The Camo FX Face Paint is water resilient so it does not smear and run from perspiration. At the end of a long day hunting, only one wipe was needed to remove the face paint from my skin. Other styles of face paint have taken up to 5 wipes to remove all of the residue from my face.

Easily removes with just one wipe. Photo: Teri Lancaster

Camo FX® Face Coloring System is available at and has a MSRP of $9.99. You can read more about Camo FX® Face Coloring System at and view the color combinations available at their website. The Just For Does Pink Combo from Camo FX is an exclusive of Just For Does, available  in the “Gear” section at The MSRP on the Pink Camo FX is $10.99.

Camo FX® and Just For Does name and logo is the sole property of it’s rightful owner and used within this writing solely for the promotion of products herein as requested by the product’s manufacturer.

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