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By: Marc Anthony

By: Marc Anthony

I love introducing not only great products but great ideas! Sometimes ideas are so simple, yet work so well, I ask myself: “Why didn’t I think of that!”

Here’s a product that has been on the shelves for a few years but needs to be re-introduced, in my opinion. It’s the Equalizer Release Aid manufactured by Goat Tuff Products of Tucson, AZ. and made in the USA! It’s not just another release, and I’ll tell you why.


First and foremost, if you shoot a short draw length, this release will increase the distance of your draw length by repositioning the point of where your arrow is nocked, and by moving the trigger forward. Because of this, you can now add distance to your bow’s draw length by up to 3″. Not to be confused, your bow’s performance increases the longer your draw length is, so by moving the catch of the release aft and the trigger forward, you are now able to adjust your bow to a longer draw length. So if you shoot a 28″ draw length, you can adjust your bow to a 29″, 30″ or even a 31″ draw length thus increasing your bow’s speed.


Why do I think this is a great idea? Here are some reasons:

If you choose to drop your bow poundage due to age or physical limitations, you now can opt for the Equalizer to offset any loss in speed due to reduced poundage. If you want to speed up your bow without having to purchase another bow, this is a viable solution. If you want to bring your 20-30 yard pins closer, again, this will increase your speed and help you obtain your objective. I could go on, but I think you get the idea!


The release trigger is smooth, precise and comfortable to wear. If you decide to purchase one, make sure you set some time aside to readjust your pins and to practice with your new speed demon. Pricing on the release runs about $199.99 on the internet. It’s a cheap solution to a new bow!

I’ve been testing Goat Tuff products for years now and I am very satisfied with their products. In fact, their arrow vanes are my vanes of choice. I’ve stuck many a buck (and hundreds of targets) with their vanes and glue with absolutely no issues whatsoever. They’ll back their products and to top it off, they’re one of the very few companies left manufacturing hunting products here in the USA. I like that! To read more on the Goat Tuff Equalizer, visit them at Goat Tuff Products.

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