Here is a tip I found on the Carl Zeiss web site about Stalking game. It’s a good one. 

The aim of Stalking is to pick up the trail of your target, stalk it and finally bring it down. In the case of hoofed game, in particular, this is an exciting but difficult form of hunting, which requires a great deal of knowledge about the game and the field conditions: the secretive buck that you have been tracking for so long could be lurking just around the next corner.


The greatest chance of success is to stalk the game as it searches for new browsing or grazing. Conventional wisdom states that you should always stalk against the wind and try to remain unnoticed as much as possible by wearing non-rustling clothes.

The opportunity to take a shot tends to arise suddenly and you need to react equally quickly to decide whether the target is suitable or not. Therefore you need optics that allow you to identify the game quickly and provide fast target acquisition.

In this situation it is a great advantage to have a pair of hunting binoculars from Carl Zeiss with a wide field of view.  The shot is often taken with the rifle supported on a tree or a target stick, so reticles that are suitable for daylight use offer a tangible benefit. They allow you to acquire your target in next to no time and you can be ready to take your shot- even in moments of high tension.

Stalking is still seen as the most challenging form of hunting, so that many hunters refer to this hunting pursuit as a form of high art.