Carl Zeiss Sports Optics, the world’s leading manufacturer of premium, high performance sports optics, introduces the new CONQUEST HD 56 binocular models. These 56 mm objective lens binoculars offer hunters an unprecedented edge in spotting and scoring big game at long ranges in low-light conditions.

ZEISS CONQUEST HD 56 binoculars provide elk, mule deer, whitetail, antelope, mountain goat, and big horn sheep hunters an incredible combination of performance and value. Made in Germany, CONQUEST HD 56 binoculars feature a large 56 mm diameter objective lens to give hunters that extra edge in spotting game, and are built using a high performance Abbe–Koenig prism that maximizes brightness and image resolution.

Available in three models, the high power 15 x 56, 10 x 56, and 8 x 56, ZEISS CONQUEST HD 56 binoculars rise above its peers with the brightest, highest-contrast images and the largest field-of-view in its class. With a price point of approx. $900 less in comparison to competitive models, the ZEISS CONQUEST HD 56 set a new standard while offering a superior light transmission value of 93 percent (approx. 3% higher than comparable premium binoculars).

New High Performance ZEISS CONQUEST HD 56 Model Binoculars  Offer North American Big Game Hunters Up To 15x Magnification Range

New High Performance ZEISS CONQUEST HD 56 Model Binoculars
Offer North American Big Game Hunters Up To 15x Magnification Range

The high power CONQUEST HD 15 x 56 model will be of particular interest to Western game hunters who often find themselves in the situation of glassing game for pro-longed time over vast, open terrains in low-light conditions. The 15 x 56 model is equipped with a newly designed, quick release ¼-inch tripod adapter to provide a steady image while glassing, giving hunters ample time to spot and score big game from a safe distance.

Image brightness and an extra-large field-of-view are not the only outstanding visual benefits of the new CONQUEST HD 56 binoculars. The revolutionary HD lens system and the proprietary ZEISS T* multi-coating contribute to a superior optical design with extraordinary image quality and color fidelity. The LotuTec® protective coating guarantees clear visibility regardless of the weather conditions.

“We’ve done our homework in developing the three new CONQUEST HD 56 models,” said Michael A. Jensen, President of Carl Zeiss Sports Optics. “CONQUEST HD 56 binoculars will make every moment of shootable light count, expand a hunter’s vision to put them on game faster and deliver that extra edge of clarity that’s critical when they’re in pursuit to harvest a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

“We understand what fuels hunters,” added Jensen. “And we also understand that delicate balance between offering the performance that is needed for a successful hunt, and affordability. With CONQUEST HD 56, we offer outdoorsmen the best of both worlds.”

You can always trust your eyes when looking through the quality of Zeiss.

You can always trust your eyes when looking through the quality of Zeiss.

The new line of CONQUEST HD 56 binoculars consists of three models:

CONQUEST HD 15 x 56 — The 15 x 56 is used for glassing game across extremely long, vast ranges. It’s the ideal choice for hunters seeking big game in the Western United States and Western Canada. MSRP: $1,777

CONQUEST HD 10 x 56 — The 10 x 56 brings details to life. It offers maximum detail, even at long-range and difficult light conditions. MSRP: $1,666

CONQUEST HD 8 x 56 — The 8 x 56 offers the largest field of view and greatest image stability for relaxed viewing into the deepest twilight. MSRP: $1,611

Each CONQUEST HD 56 binocular comes with an eyepiece cover, objective lens cover, neoprene carrying strap, cordura case and lens cleaning cloth. A 1/4″ tripod adapter is included with CONQUEST HD 15 x 56 model, and is optional for the 8 x 56 and 10 x 56 models.

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