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Robert Hoague

At the ATA I saw something that truly was new for hunting scent use. Surprisingly, it was at the booth for Spypoint, the trail camera company. The product is named SSD for Spypoint Scent Dispenser and it is a fantastic concept.

Spypoint introduced an easy way to create and maintain deer and other game traffic, where and when you want it, by using the programmable SSD system.


Simply put, the SSD unit allows you to program the times you want your scent to dispense. You set the Hours and Minutes you want it to spray the scent.

Simple to use.

If you’ve used a Spypoint trail camera you know they have a commitment to make user friendly, easy to use products. So the SSD is simple to set up. The SPYPOINT SSD dispenses your scent according to the set-up times you program into the unit. You set the Start and End times you want for Each Day of the week and also program your prefered time interval between sprays (from 1 to 59 minutes). Scent is sprayed out at the times you set-up. Spraying the scent ensures a maximum coverage zone.

4 Appealing Scents.

The scent canister are offered in 4 appealing scents Apple, Anise, Acorn and Corn.

How long will it last, you ask? The unique SSD spraying system gives you up to 3000 sprays per canister

Apple: is recommended for Deer. Acorn: is recommended for Deer. Anise: is recommended for Moose and Bear. Corn: is recommended for Deer.

Other Information abour SSD.

The SSD requires 2 alkaline D batteries (not included). Refill scent canister are available from Spypoint. An Installation Strap included so you can easily mount the SSD exactly where you want it to go.

The battery level is displayed in the lower left corner of the viewing screen. The image of the battery flashes when you need to change the batteries.

Right now, next deer season is a few months off but you can bet I’ll have this system set-up and working in my deer woods.

Visit Spypoint on the web at and also see the  SSD Spypoint Scent Dispenser  page.


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