Dead Ringer Broadheads
Mike Furia shows us the new Dead Ringer Trauma broadhead designed for wild turkey bowhunting. The Trauma has a 2 1/2 to 3 1/8 inch cut. That’s a wide cut and on gobblers the wider the cut the better. Website at On Facebook at

Red Neck Hunting Blinds
Russ with Redneck Hunting Blinds shows us The Buck Palace 360″, 6×6 Crossover Blind for bow and firearms hunting. Made of fiberglass, this blind hides your scent and the dark interior conceals you. And it has lots of shooting windows suitable for bows or firearms. Website at

Russell Boots
Joe Gonyo shows us the famed Russell 10 oz. Bullhide Leather Snake Boot. This is the Cadillac of snake boots. I bought a pair when I was 19 and wore them until a few years ago when my foot grew a size. This boot is extremely comfortable. A great hunting boot. See more boots and footwear on the website at

Jacob Saterfield shows us the ThermaCELL Heated Insoles. They are wireless, rechargeable insoles made top maintain body temperature inside your boots. Website at

Trophy Hunting Products
Stacey shows us the Stalker Bow Sling for carrying your bow around on the hunt, range, or hanging it up in the stand or for storage. It is light weight and extremely durable and can also be used as a game drag. See more innovative hunting products on the website