By: Rick Philippi

By: Rick Philippi

As a hunter it is imperative to have a quality pair of boots that serve more of a purpose than just walking around in. They must keep your feet dry, have good traction control, contain your scent and protect your feet from the outside elements. A good pair of boots can make your time in the outdoors enjoyable versus a bad pair can make the time miserable. I have been on the latter side of that last statement too many times. Grubs Boot has been the boot of choice to many Europeans for keeping their feet warm and comfortable against the cold and wet continent they call home. The Grubs family has been making boots since 1776 so I think it would be safe to say they have it figured out. They also have a one year unprecedented warranty.

What makes Grubs boots unique and different is in the design? One of their secrets is in the material, INSU-FOAM ULTRA bootie construction which acts as a neutral medium between the wearer and the outside elements. The bootie is both waterproof, insulated and exceeds the long-term effectiveness of waterproof membranes and lofted insulations used by most other companies. Grubs uses a high grade Chloroprene in all their boots, which has a consistent micro bubble structure making it 50% more waterproof and giving it a lot more stretch so it fits an abundance of people. Grubs boots are light weight, buoyant and very comfortable.

They fit like a glove- Grubs Boots

They fit like a glove- Grubs Boots

I went to www.bowhunting.net and clicked on the Grubs website and ordered myself a brand new pair. I went with the Stalking 5.0 APG High Boot. The day they arrived I could not wait to put them on! Right out of the box they felt like no other boot I have ever worn! They were light as a feather and fit like a glove. This boot has 5mm of insulation, CR Foam and moisture wicking terry polyester lining. It is rated in a temperature range of 85 to -5 Fahrenheit. What sold me on this boot was its temperature rating. Here in Texas it doesn’t get too cold so the rating was perfect, meaning I could wear them the whole hunting season. Think about it, wearing the same pair of boots for the whole hunting season, cool.


Another key feature is the MULTISPORT SOLES. This is where Grubs sets themselves apart from all the other boot manufactures. Here are some of the benefits of the multisport soles. The first being the multi-traction lugs for walking and foot protection. The second, self-cleaning grooves for safety while walking. Literally, these boots are self-cleaning so they will not bulk up with mud or debris making the traction of these boots unparalleled. The third benefit is the midsole for reduced weight, great shock absorption and comfort and the icing on the cake is the Vibram Trek compound for superior grip and durability.


I have had a chance to wear my boots here in Texas where the terrain is ROUGH and ROCKY to say the least. My Grubs boots have passed the test. They are light, protect my feet and comfortable to walk in for long periods of time. Please take a second and jump out to their site to view the various types of boots they have to offer. They will have a pair that will work for you based on of your conditions. Again, not to belittle the point but these are THE BEST PAIR OF BOOTS I HAVE EVER WORN, period!


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