Lightweight and just 6 ¼” long by 1” wide the new ArrowSmith Tuning Tool helps big time with arrow tuning.

By: Gary Elliott

By: Gary Elliott

Along with turning 10 years old, VaneTec decided to celebrate with a very handy and functional tool for helping strip vanes, fletch arrows, tighten broadheads, adjust your nock and clean the inside of your arrow shafts out after cutting or prepping for gluing inserts. It basically does it all!

The tool is perfect for throwing in your back pack for those emergencies in the field. Perfect for the DYI that likes to do their own arrow building.


The VaneTec ArrowSmith Tool features:



  • Replaceable Carbide Stripping Insert, nicely contoured for removing vanes and arrow wraps effortlessly.


  • Carbon Shaft Internal Cleaning Brush, for using after cutting your shafts to clean out access carbon left over.


  • Nock Adjusting Pin, helps with those hard to turn nocks to adjust to allow your cock vane to be up or down.


  • 2, 3 or 4 Blade Broadhead Wrench, to tighten or loosen broadheads safely.



  • Carbide Stripping Insert is easily replaced.
  • Lightweight Machined Anodized Aluminum, nicely contoured to allow maximum grip.
  • Non-Rust Stainless Steel Components

I found the tool easy and comfortable to hold while stripping vanes from arrow shafts I am currently working on. The carbide cutter cut vanes off effortlessly and all that was left is cleaning the shaft off for gluing the vanes on. Everything on the tool functions great and overall I rate this tool high and one that should be on every archer’s workbench or in your tool box.

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