Mathews newest Corporate Partner with Pope & Young Club.


The Pope & Young Club is proud to announce Mathews, Inc. as their newest Corporate Partner.

“Conservation and preserving the tradition of bowhunting is so important to Mathews and those who choose Mathews on their fair chase hunts, says Joel Maxfield, V.P. of Marketing at Mathews Archery.

“We’ve always supported the Pope and Young Club’s effort to ensure our heritage continues for future generations and we are excited to formally recognize this support. We applaud the Pope and Young Club for standing up as advocates for the sport we all love so much”.

“We are proud to welcome Mathews as our newest Corporate Partner!,” says Rick Mowery, Communications and Marketing Manager for the Pope & Young Club. “Mathews is not only a respected leader in this industry, but an innovator as well. They have defined “bowhunting” to countless archers across the globe. Supporting the Pope & Young Club is a public proclamation of their affinity and support of bowhunters and bowhunting. We applaud and thank them for their vision and conviction!”

The Corporate Partners Program allows manufacturers an opportunity to work with the Pope & Young Club to protect and defend bowhunting and wildlife conservation across North America. Established in 1961, the Pope and Young Club is a non-profit North American conservation and bowhunting organization dedicated to the promotion and protection of our bowhunting heritage, hunting ethics and wildlife conservation. The Club also maintains the universally recognized repository for the records and statistics on North American big game animals harvested with a bow and arrow.

For information on the Pope & Young Corporate Partners Program, please contact:
Rick Mowery @ email:, Ph: 989.884.3800 or contact the Pope and Young Club,  507.867.4144

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