Lynne Frady

GamePlan Gear burst into the industry eight years ago and has not looked backsince. Their products are top of the line and they don’t cut corners on craftsmanship, quality or durability.

Jim and I have the pleasure of owning 3 pieces of their gear, The Pass Through 2 bow case, the Bowbat XL, and the Spot-n-Stalk Quiver Pack.

We teach archery and introduce women to hunting and new products during one of our annual events, BOW (Becoming an Outdoors Woman) This program is put on through the Wildlife Commission. This year the ladies were very impressed with the Game Plan Gear products and liked the way each piece was designed and adjustable to fit their different sized bodies. The comment we heard most was how well each piece was made. When you hear that comment from the ladies you know you have a quality product.

We recently went on a black bear hunt in Shin Pond Maine and could not be more pleased with the performance of our GamePlan Gear packs and case. Each piece has different options and we used each of them while on this hunt.


The Pass Through 2 Bow Case is every bow hunters dream case. Mine is olive green with Real Tree Xtra accents. You will not find a flimsy case with weak zippers and no way to secure your bow with this soft sided case. Its side padded walls offer all the protection you’re looking for in a quality case. It offers a padded arrow box on the front and includes a padded shoulder strap and it is well equipped with Monster #10 zippers. No wimpy zippers to worry about busting when you get the pockets packed.

I personally like the interior of the case with its high visibility orange lining. This feature is great in low light early morning conditions to help you locate your accessories. The riser block system is foam blocks that can be adjusted to any bow in any position, they are held in place with Velcro so moving them where they are needed is easy.

I shoot a Mathews Z-7 Magnum and a Mathews ZXT both with past parallel limbs. Finding a bow case to fit these was a chore until I found the Pass Through 2. It will accommodate each these bows with ease. It also has plenty of storage for your release, range finders, arm guards and other archery accessories.

The Bowbat XL is a no brainer if you carry your bow any distance through the woods here in our Great Smokey Mountains or out west. The Bowbat will protect your bow, your sights and will accommodate your bow with the quiver on. This product will eliminate the need to carry your bow and a backpack. The Bowbat can easily hold all your bow accessories and even extra clothing. It offers both interior and exterior pockets for storage and can be attached to a tree for easy access. It is well balanced with your bow and it did not cause fatigue while carrying it.

And last but not least is the Spot-n-Stalk Quiver Pack. This is the perfect pack for a day trip to the woods. This pack puts your quiver at your hip so you can easily reach it when the moment of truth comes while you’re stalking. It offers plenty of storage so there is no need for a bulky backpack. This pack was made with the bow hunters who love to stalk in mind. The straps are adjustable and will fit with light weight clothing for early season or for those last season bow hunts when you’re wearing layers. It is designed so it is not in the way or constrictive when you draw your bow. The Spot-n-Stalk is big enough to carry all your gear so it’s a great pack to carry into your tree stand or ground blind without taking up a lot of room

GamePlan Gear Products are affordably priced and will last. The only problem that I have with their products is after you own one piece you are addicted. They offer a full line of packs, bow cases and accessories so adding to your addiction is not a problem. If you are looking for quality gear with amazing features, GamePlan Gear is the perfect fit. “Every Successful Hunt Begins with a GamePlan'”. Use GamePlan Gear Products for your next successful adventures afield.

A special thank you to Jolene Roling, marketing director for GamePlan Gear. We appreciate you believing in Team Frady and allowing us to test and promote GamePlan Gears great products on our hunts and during our events.

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