AMERISTEP®, an industry leader in innovative hunting gear and accessories, in conjunction with partner, Under Armour® announces the new-for-2014 Carnage ground blind.

Packed with game-changing, user-friendly features, the new Under Armour® Carnage ground blind by AMERISTEP® is designed to reach desolate places and destroy any expectations set by ground blinds of the past. At 20lbs, this 59’X59″ rut-buster features a 75-inch shooting width with 67-inches of vertical interior height. 16 silent hide windows of various configurations, equipped with shoot through mesh and a veil of Realtree Xtra® camouflage keep hunters hidden from prying eyes, while offering nearly 360 degree views and ample shooting opportunities. Meanwhile, the combination of Carbon Shadow Guard and Under Armour® Scent Control with Zeolites destroy the human outline and scent profile inside. Constructed on the backbone of AMERISTEP’S exclusive Spider Hub technology the blind’s Realtree Xtra® exterior materials stay taught even during the harshest wet and windblown conditions. Adding to the blind’s concealment are two sides constructed with a combination wide hole mesh and 3-D edge relief gilley material, and two sides in hard-wearing, lightweight rip stop. Together this material combination generates a blind that minimally tips the scales without sacrifices in concealment or composition.

An amalgamation of ventilation, the Carnage sports two roof-vents that let heat and stale air out, and when combined with the two sides of wide-hole mesh, maximize airflow and circulation – making the Carnage an ideal choice for early season hunts. At a 9″X47″ pack size the Under Armour® Carnage fits readily into the included custom backpack with dual side straps for carrying gear and additional gun/bow bow attachment lets your hands stay free to carry other necessary gear.


Under Armour® Carnage product benefits
• 59″ footprint, 75″ shooting width x 67″ internal height
• Utilizes Under Armour® Scent Control
• Realtree Xtra® camo pattern
• Shoot-through mesh window system with 16 windows
• Spider Hub Technology
• Carbon Shadow Guard Enhanced
• 2 sides constructed of wide hole mesh and 3D mesh gilley edge relief
• 2 sides constructed of lightweight rip stop material
• Includes custom backpack with gear straps and bow/gun holder attachment
MSRP: $399.99

About AMERISTEP®: AMERISTEP® is the premier manufacturer of tree stands, ground blinds, safety harnesses, and other useful hunting accessories with an excess of 100 products in its catalog.As a front-runner in several ever-changing and competitive product spaces; AMERISTEP® has lead the charge toward the development of many of the hunting industry’s most functional and well-known products. With a strong commitment to the future and deep roots in the past, the brand continues to embellish their pedigree as a time-honored trendsetter. For more information contact: Evolved Ingenuity, 602 Fountain Parkway, Grand Prairie, TX 75050. Call 800-847-8269 or visit our website at