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By Nichole Beliunas

AMS Bowfishing, announced that they are producing and airing a 4-episode miniseries on Bowfishing.

Executives at the Discovery Channel Network took notice that Bowfishing could be the new niche in the hunting and fishing markets and approached AMS Bowfishing.

The title of the show Bowfish 24-7/365™ will air Saturdays at 7am EST/6am CST beginning April 5th on Destination America, which is part of the Discovery Channel network and reaches over 65 million households.

Our Mission
Bowfish 24-7/365 will promote the sport of Bowfishing, what it is, how it’s done, what you fish for, equipment used, environmental impact and of course to show just how much fun Bowfishing is. To prove that any person, at any level of skill and age, can join the fun!

About AMS Bowfishing
AMS Bowfishing has enjoyed 17 years as an independent company that ships bowfishing equipment world-wide. Almost all of AMS Bowfishing products are made and manufactured in the USA and shipped from Stratford, Wisconsin.

AMS Bowfishing opened the Stratford, WI operation in 1997 and is owned by Jeff and Cindy (LaSee) Braun. Cindy is the daughter of Jack LaSee, who designed and patented the original Retriever® reel for bowfishing, when Cindy was just a child.

The inception of an Industry Icon.
Growing up on a rural Marshfield, Wisconsin farm, Jack LaSee was taught at an early age how to work, how to improvise, and how to make things with his hands with what was available. In pursuit of a passion to enhance the sport of bowfishing, he went to his machine shop, All Metal Stamping, Inc. in Abbotsford, WI over 30 years ago and built the first prototype of the “Retriever®” bowfishing reel.

“I remember the day clearly when Dad came home, sat us all down, and asked us to help him name this “thing” that he had created. He pulled out a silver boxy contraption with a dark plastic bottle that was actually my sisters shampoo bottle, and a strange looking crank and called it a bowfishing reel. “What does it do?” We asked? “It retrieves fish and arrows after you shoot them in the water, so they can’t swim away with your arrow.” He replied. “But, I need a name for it”, “Call it the Retriever®.” I said with very little marketing experience at age 6. That night around our family dinner table an industry icon was born and the Retriever® as we know it came to life.” Cindy LaSee Braun

AMS Bowfishing Exceeds 100 Years of Combined Bowfishing Experience.
AMS Bowfishing is the only bowfishing manufacturing company that is committed to manufacturing 100% bowfishing specific products. We are unique, we are the founder, we are the leader with 35 years of bowfishing innovations under our belt and over 100 years of combined experience in bowfishing – we are different by design. We hold the sole claim that we have been bowfishing and manufacturing bowfishing products nearly all of our lives.

We live, breathe and bleed bowfishing and continue to develop innovative bowfishing products twenty-four seven, three hundred and sixty five days a year. At AMS Bowfishing, bowfishing is not a sport, it is a way of life – it is in our blood.
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Show Title:
Bowfish 24-7/365

Show Description: Travel across North America with the
Bowfish 24-7/365 team as they bowfish Americas underwater invaders!

Mathew and Julie Schillinger

Destination America airs on the following channels:

Direct TV Ch. 286

Dish Network Ch. 194

Cable Channels
(Check local guide for channel lineups)