We are happy to welcome ATC to our growing list of advertisers.  The designer and manufacturer of the versatile Spikepress Bow Press will change the way pro-shops, manufacturers of bows and technicians work on and tune today’s modern bows. Congratulations to owner and lead engineer George Gouramanis of Archery Tooling Corporation.


It was apparent that the evolution of the modern compound bow required a different way to handle the new high-tech parallel limb and beyond bows. George Gouramanis, the President of Archery Tooling Corporation with 40 year’s experience in design, engineering and producing precision tools and fixtures for manufacturing and over 30 years as an avid bowhunter felt compelled to design a bow press to address these needs. His practical and engineering expertise led him to design the Spikepress bow press. His goal was to provide a safe and effective means for archers and bow technicians to maintain and tune all types of bows. George works closely with pro-shops, bow technicians and archers to gain knowledge pertaining to what is needed to make their jobs easier and more proficient. Archery Tooling Corporation also offers other archery products designed for today’s archer. Archery Tooling Corporation is based on Long Island, NY and is proud to say that all its products are manufactured in the U.S.A.


Archery Tooling Corporation is proud to present the new patent-pending invention, “SPIKEPRESS®”. The true universal bow press capable of pressing any brand bow with any design, any size any shape securely.

The main frame is constructed of professionally welded steel and is powder-coated for long-term durability and rust prevention. The “V” shaped telescopic construction ensures smooth and solid movement of the arm.

The press consists of a screwing mechanism that has been constructed and tested to withstand pressures way above limits that are used to compress a bow.

The press also consists of four pin retainers which are pivoted and have two sets of holes at different angles in order to accommodate any width and shape of limbs on the bow. They are made of steel and also plated for rust prevention.

The four pins are made of ½” diameter 304 stainless steel. The “SPIKE” pins are shaped like a ball joint with a reverse angle to allow the pivoting of the bow when it is being compressed.  The four pins are also engaged with four grippers, holding the bow in place before and after the compression.

Finally the vital parts and what makes Spikepress® superior from all the others is the gripper and the way in which they operate.  The gripper is fastened securely to the limb of any bow in a secure manner and this is the part which is engaged with the spike pin to create a “ball joint” effect.

The press is also capable of accommodating crossbows simply by using a different pin length to compensate for axle to axle distance.


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