Dead Ringer is proud to announce the release of two new HYBRID Broadheads! The Freak Nasty, a highly modified version of their popular Rampage 3 Blade Hybrid and the Super Freak which is spun off of their devastating Trauma 2 Blade Hybrid; the most devastating and durable broadheads the hunting world has ever seen have now gotten even better.

Don and Kandi Kisky of Whitetail Freaks TV have long been known for taking down giant mature whitetails on their farms in Iowa but they knew the perfect broad head was yet to be developed. Don wanted a 100 grain broadhead that flew like a field point, penetrated deep but had a massive cutting surface, recalls Chase Rohlfsen, Marketing Director of Dead Ringer. The trick was the penetration. When you utilize a 2” 3-blade, that is 6” of total cutting service and penetration can quickly suffer. Incorporating ground breaking innovation from the Hybrid design of the Rampage series, these new broadheads cut like a fixed blade with a 7/8” cut in the closed position that retains field tip accuracy and reduces kinetic energy loss.

DR4492-Freak Nasty-Broadhead Image-01



No other broadhead on the market can match these bone-shattering, flesh-ripping killers after impact. The Hybrid design opens to the massive 2” blades giving you that 6” of devastating surface. Don Kisky put them to the ultimate test last fall filming his son Kaleb shoot an absolute giant 187” Iowa buck.

The Super Freak was specifically designed with feedback from Kandi Kisky. Not everyone is pulling 70# and a 29” draw and the market was falling short on addressing the perfect cutting service for lower kinetic energy set ups that would reliably inflict the most devastating wound channel possible. Offered in 100 grain, the Super Freak is a true action- broadhead, with an adjustable deployed cutting width from 1.75” to an absolutely devastating 2.25”. Both of these models leave gaping exits wounds that don’t sacrifice penetration and eliminate the fears of mechanical with their 7/8” cutting surface in the closed position! Kandi herself took down a beautiful 160” Iowa Whitetail with the Super Freak.

DR5313-Super Freak-Broadhead Image-04



Dead Ringer has engineered the entire line of broadheads to incorporate 0.32 thousandths thick spring stainless steel blades, which are an industry best, and are virtually indestructible. The T-6 aluminum ferrule has also set an industry standard for toughness; crafted from the same material used in NASCAR wheel axles. The chisel tip design shatters bone on impact allowing the blades to maintain kinetic energy longer, while cutting deeper than any other blade available. These killers are uniquely designed with double beveled blades, which are hand sharpened to improve bone and tissue-cutting performance on even the biggest and toughest of prey. Additionally, all Dead Ringer broadheads have the most durable O-Ring retention system available and have been tested to over 400fps with no pre- deployment. This new design ensures dependable blade containment and deployment at all times.

If you are looking for that perfect broadhead… look no further. FREAK NASTY and SUPER FREAK by: Dead Ringer Hunting

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