Gear Review: RockStar Hitch Mounted Mud Flaps


By: David Conrad

Any trailer that is pulled by a pickup or SUV is subject to damage from debris being kicked up or thrown from rear tires. Trailers, boats, campers, hitch haulers and bikes just to name a few are accessible to damage, especially rocks, without the proper protection.

Regular mud flaps protect the immediate area behind the wheel, but objects in tow are within critical range of flying stones, tar and wintery salt mixtures. Stone chips are the worst culprit, causing paint chips and small dent damage. Over the years rust and wear can become a serious result to this issue. I currently have a hitch cargo hauler that every year before season has to be repainted because of road debris sandblasting the front metal support.

So what is the best solution for these fore mentioned hazards? RockStar Hitch Mounted Mud Flaps by Agri Cover,  the same great company that makes the Access Truck Bed Roll Up Covers, plows and tarp systems, are tested and guaranteed to prevent these major hazards. You can think of them as a safety extension that easily attaches to your rear hitch. And because they are custom to your pickup, you can count on a good-looking fit.

RockStar on authors Ford 150

Some assembly is required, but no matter what your familiarity with tools, I would set aside at least 20 minutes for assembly. No major tools are required, basically a 9/16” wrench and socket, so you should have everything you need in your toolbox. If you can turn a wrench then you should have no issues with the installation. When completed the RockStar Hitch on a 2008 F-150 Pickup was picture perfect.

The vinyl bumper caps allow the hitch to fit snug up against the vehicle’s bumper. There is no worry of marring the surface on your bumper because there are two circular plastic adhesive film strips that the caps rest against. The only word of advice is to just make sure that you have at least 3 inches of clearance on your hitch extension.

Solid, classy looking and tough.

The size of each individual mudflat is more than enough to cover any single or even dually for that matter. For my F150 the 24-inch wide by roughly 18-inch give high confidence that no harm will come to whatever I am pulling. The rubber mud flaps are flexible but the ½’ thickness prevents them from bending at road speeds. This is a common problem with thinner flaps and thereby making them ineffective. Even at higher road speeds the RockStar Mud Flaps refuse to sail. They have at least 3 inches of ground clearance on my standard height 2 wheel drive pickup. Since they are flexible I do not have to worry about damage from hitting a pothole causing the mud flap to come in contact with the road.

The best feature is that the whole system is easy to attach and remove. Just pull the pin on your hitch and slide off. The rust proof aluminum is lightweight and will not rust. This ensures many years or reliable protection and probably across several vehicles.

I really liked the diamond plate finish giving the hitch mounted mud flaps a tough look. For those looking for a matching look to their polished bumper a smooth aluminum finish is also available.

In closing I would like to add that in testing my trailer hitch has remained paint chip free over the last month of testing. Purposely driving down gravel roads, which I am accustom to during hunting season, is the best test especially during rain/muddy conditions.

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