Robert Hoague
Webmaster of Bowhunting.net

When my first Mathews bow arrived via UPS I wanted it to be all it could be. I’ve set up plenty of compound bows over the years but there are some fine points that I don’t quite have a handle on.

So I called my long time hunting buddy Jim Mitchell and arranged to come over to his Red Oak Ranch so Gene Curry could set my new Mathews Creed XS up to its potential.

Now, Gene Curry is a Mathew’s Pro Shooter and a big winner on the IBO, ASA, NFAA and other bow competitions. And he is one of the very best in the country in terms of tuning bows for perfect arrow flight and accurate shooting. Gene took my bow out of the box and looked it over carefully. He had me bring my previous bow and he made several measurements on it for reference on the new bow.


Pro Archer and Bowhunter Gene Curry.

Gene checked the alignment of the top wheel and solo cam, they were perfect out of the box. He drew the bow a few times while Jim Mitchell watched and listened, It drew fine and didn’t have any unwanted noise.

UltraRest-3The arrow rest is the Mathews Ultra Rest HDX. This rest is a collaboration with Quality Archery Design (QAD). It melds the compatibility and versatility of the Ultra Rest with the standards Mathews is known for, optimal performance and perfect fit, finish and quality.

Featuring Smart Rest Technology™ the Mathews Ultra Rest knows when to drop when fired, but not when letting down. The rest has total fletching clearance as well as full arrow containment and Mathews Harmonic Damping® — meaning no excess vibration and noise. Jim Mitchell told me the Mathews Ultra Rest guarantees your Mathews will perform to its full potential.

One of the things I have problems adjusting correctly is the drop away type rests. Ahhh, but not Gene Curry. He waded right in. He set up the rest, aligned it perfectly and attached the drop away cord. He re-adjusted the placement of the cord until it was at its peak performance.

Then, using the measurements he had taken, Gene installed the peep sight, making an adjustment for the Creed’s sharp string angle, the bow is 32-inches axle to axle, that is shorter than my other bow. He put on a Jim Fletcher TruPeep Max Hunter, an aluminum peep sight with a 7/32″ hole, perfect for low light conditions or ground blind use. A safety-tie groove keeps the peep in place and it does not turn when I draw the bow.


Gene proceeded meticulously, a master craftsman at work, doing what he loves. A skilled bow technician behind the bow press.


The bow quiver was Mathews latest ArrowWeb CT™ bowquiver. The CT stands for “compact,” because of the reduced profile that improves bow balance and saves weight. Its GridLock™ hood uses the latest technology found in Mathews®’ bow risers.


The ArrowWeb CT™ accommodates expandable or fixed blade broadheads.  ITS redesigned foam keep the blades quiet and in place while the new removable BladeShield™ keeps the edges sharp and your fingers safe. The new Quick Release arrow grip, Spider Claw® quiver mount and Harmonic Damper® are great features too.

So far no one had fired an arrow through my new bow, but it was now time for that. Gene went to the Paper Tuner and, in no hurry, took the first shot at an un-shot place in the paper.


Jim Mitchell watches as Gene Curry shoots the first, and last, arrow through the paper tuner.

He fired one shot. The tear was perfect. No further adjustments were necessary, the bow was shooting at peak performance.


I didn’t bring a bowsight so Gene loaned me one of his Sure-Loc bowsights. What i like about this particular sight is the light for the fiber optic pins is absolutely the brightest I have ever seen on any bowsight. Even in full daylight it brightens up the pins even more. I have to give Gene back his sight so I’mn looking over the Sure-Loc web site for their hunting sights.


Gene had me shoot at 10 yards on Jim’s indoor range. It took several shots to adjust the Sure-Loc so is was shooting on the money. Gene handled that so you can bet my Creed is sighted in right. Right now it’s hanging on the wall in my office, waiting to ease into the turkey woods and get into action.


My Creed XS is 28″ axle to axle so it is a short bow, perfect for hunting in ground blinds, which I do a lot. The color is Black and it has zero shine, again, perfect. The bow features a Simplex Single Cam, Mathews unique Geo Grid Lock Riser, Parallel Limb Design, Reverse Assist Roller Guard, Harmonic Dampeners, Dead End String Stop Lite and a Zebra “Trophy” Bowstring. Creed XS is a great looking bow. And it shoots smooth and quiet and hits like a sledge hammer. I like it.

In the next 3 weeks I’m set up to bowhunt wild turkeys in northern Texas with Rick Philippi, some friends in northern Nebraska and with Dave Keiser in South Dakota. So the new Mathews Creed XS is gonna get a work out.