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The advertising  promo read, “In Sights Nutrition Hog Products will take your hog hunting to the next level.”

Of course, to a guy that likes to bowhunt wild hogs, like me, that sounds pretty good. But I’ve  heard similar claims before and wasted my money. However, I was interested enough that I bought a bag of it at Tractor Supply and took a bag of it to a thick cedar break area near where I live. Wild hogs use this area off and on during any year. The Hog Nut bag held a mix of grains, some ground up food stuff, peanuts and other sweet smelling ingredients.

The aroma was nice and strong, if hogs liked this stuff they would be able to smell it for quite a distance. I broadcast it around at the end of the road. I’ve hunted this area before and arrowed a fair number of wild hogs here over the years. But it’d been a few months ago since my last visit and I wanted to look around for wild hog sign. So I walked around.

The network of trails had both deer and wild hog tracks. Years ago, at a place 70 yards away, I used a claw hammer to make a divot under the nearby fence. Hogs have turned the divot into more of a hog sized, shallow ditch. There were hog tracks in it and hog hair caught on the barbed wire fence.

Satisfied that there were hogs here to test out the Hog Nut on I walked through the dense brush toward the road, and my pickup. I stepped out of the brush.


A big, black wild hog that was eating the Hog Nut looked up at me. This was the last thing I expected to happen, I didn’t even bring my bow. The hog was about 10 yards from my truck, which was also something else I never expected to see.

But the hog was a good boy and ran into the brush grunting.

Driving back home I ran what happened through my mind. I threw out some Hog Nut on the ground. It was an area where wild hogs are, as the biologists say “known to roam.” Then I walked around for 10 or 15 minutes. During that time a wild hog smelled the Hog Nut and found it, completely disregarding my truck 10 yards away as well as the scent I surely had left in the area only minutes ago.

Stamp Of Approval. Yup.

Without a doubt, Hog Nut makes wild hogs nuts. I wanted to see if I could get some pictures. I went to another good wild hog area and set up a SpyPoint game camera. I walked in front of the camera and scattered some Hog Nut around.


Here I am scattering the Hog Nut.

I scattered it at 1:14 pm. And here is the first wild hog visitor the next morning at 7:52.


Hogs continued to come and I threw out some more. Most of the hog visits were during the night or early morning at first but they soon started coming in the daytime. Wild Hogs really like this Hog Nut.


Remember the recent wild hog bowhunt the guys from Minnesota had here. The Hog Nut pulled them in plenty of wild hogs — they got 5. To read about their exciting hunt, Click Here.

Clesson Cottrell with one of the 5 wild hogs taken during his week long bowhunt.

Here is what the HOG NUT packages look like.



As a powder supplement, Hog Nut provides essential nutrients which help promote hog health as well as high fat for increased hog weight AND and that means monstrous boars. As an attractant, Hog Nut has the flavor aroma that draws hogs in and keeps them in. Made with peanuts, sugar and grain by-products, hogs find Hog Nut absolutely irresistible. Pour Hog Nut in high hog traffic areas. For best results, combine Hog Nut with other In Sights Nutrition products such as Hog Trap Syrup and Hog-Get Drop Block, or mix Hog Nut powder with grains. For more information or to Order go to or to Order go to!insightsstore/c187u.