Moonlight Fund Offering Track Chairs to Wounded Soldiers


The Moonlight Fund is pleased to announce a new service to wounded Soldiers and Veterans.
The track chair, allows those with injuries to go hunting, fishing, to the beach or just out and about in their the yards.
This revolutionary chair can stand upright for those paralysis. Each chair is custom made for the individuals needs. Whether equipped with the hunting package or for every day use, this chair takes our Soldiers out of the confines of a wheelchair and gives them the freedom to move about and do most of the things they did before their injury.

This revolutionary chair comes in a stand up and seated version. The stand up version allows those with spinal cord injuries to stand upright or be seated while hunting or fishing. Soldiers can also customize their chairs with their choice of cloth and attachments. Optional equipment includes gun racks and rests. Fishing rod holders and a rest for a bow are also available. The Track system allows for movement over rough terrain and waterways.

There are three funding programs available to wounded Soldiers. Each provides the Track Chair at no cost to the Soldier.

For more information on the track chair and funding programs, please contact Celia Belt at

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