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On this hunt Fred Lutger of Freddie Bear Sports and myself (Robert Hoague (of Bowhunting.net) are bowhunting for Merriam’s Gobblers.

It’s Tuesday, April 29 and our Nebraska Wild Turkey Adventure begins today. This morning I picked up my turkey bowhunting buddy at the Omaha, Nebraska airport. We ate breakfast at some small cafe in the next town to the west. It looked like it would definitely be good eats, but it was mediocre instead.

Today’s weather was cold, rainy and very windy. The wind chill was below freezing. We arrived at our destination, a farm in north central Nebraska, at 5:00pm. We’re the guests of good friends and we come almost every year. We always have the best time imaginable here and look forward to spending time here every Spring.

As we visited at the farm house we noticed several wild turkey in the picked corn field 250 yards downhill from the house.  They continued moving through the field off and on. Our host showed us where he set a pop up ground blind at the edge of that same field. The blind is on the edge of the woods on the right.


We checked it out with binoculars. It looks like an excellent set up. We’ll find out in the morning.


Our ground blind sits between the picked corn field and the woods, waiting for us tomorrow morning.

We just finished eating a home cooked spagatti dinner. In a minute we turn in for the nights sleep. As I said, we’ll see what happens in the morning.