Bowhunt For South Texas Rio Grande Gobblers. On this hunt are Fred Lutger of Freddie Bear Sports, George Winters of Camo Clan TV, 6 of George’s friends and myself (Robert Hoague of Bowhunting.net).

Day One of the Hunt

Late afternoon, I picked up Fred Lutger at the San Antonio airport. Neither one of us had eaten and both of us were hungry. San Antonio is all about Mexican Food restaurants of all sizes, big and small. I Googled Mexican restaurants on my iPad and saw that Papasitos was near by. I drove there.


Tortia Chips from Papasitos. A 10 on a scale of 10.

We both ordered and soon our meals arrived, hot and tasty.


Here is my friend Fred Lutger enjoying his stay at Papasitos. Fred is the owner of Freddie Bear Sports in South Side Chicago.

After eating we went to Cabela’s and looked around. They were very low on turkey hunting calls, etc.. Then we found a Best Western motel and got a good nights sleep.

The next morning I called George Winters. He and 6 other guys had left Shreveport, LA at 4:00 AM. They were on the freeway near Waco, TX, about 3 miles away. We made arrangements to meet up at Golden Corral on I-410 in San Antonio. After lunch we drove to Sabinal, TX and then 4 miles south to our hunting place, Brushy Hill Ranch.

At the ranch headquarters we were greeted by Ava Denny and the head guide Tony. Ava was very friendly and made sure that we got squared away on our hunting area (large) and the accommodations. We unloaded our gear into our lodge and Tony drove us around one of the areas.

Fred and Paul Fields picked out areas and got fixed up in blinds. I set up in a high area where I figured we could hear all around the area at gobble time.


That’s George Winters on the right. George is videoing my hunt today.

Surprisingly, George and I did not hear any gobbles where we were. When we picked up Fred he had seen a group of wild turkeys and heard some gobbles. And Paul Fields had been covered up by gobbles.

Everyone drove into Sabinal but the only restaurant was closed. We went to the next closest town, Uvalde, TX, and ate at a super Mexican restaurant named  El Herradero de Jalisco.

Every one turned in when we got back to the lodge. I was thinking I picked out a dud place to hunt. Paul Fields could hardly sleep thinking about all the gobblers around him. Fred was considering moving.

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