Bowhunt For South Texas Rio Grande Gobblers. On this hunt are Fred Lutger of Freddie Bear Sports, George Winters of Camo Clan TV, 6 of George’s friends and myself (Robert Hoague of Bowhunting.net).


The tin roof of the lodge magnified the sound of the hard rain hitting it, almost drowning out the sound of my iPhone alarm. One by one we all got up and went out on the covered porch and watched the pouring rain. An hour after daylight we gave up the idea of hunting this morning and drove to Uvalde.


Our mission in Uvalde was to to eat breakfast at  El Herradero de Jalisco. Again, the food and service was excellent.


Tim Winters, Paul Fields, Robert Hoague, Fred Lutger and George Winters waiting for their breakfast at the El Herradero de Jalisco restaurant.

Actually, we had a second mission too, we all wanted to go to the big hunting store Tim and George had told us about. So after breakfast we stopped at a locally owned big-box hunting store named Outback Oasis. Check out the fine drop tine buck mount near the entrance of the store.


This place had plenty of hunting gear of all kinds for bow and firearms hunters. And their walls were covered with mounts of big bucks. This is one heck of a good hunting store in one of the best known whitetail hunting areas in Texas, Uvalde.


Below are Tim Winters (Right) And myself, Robert Hoague (Left) checking out the Archery section of the store.


When we returned to the Brushy Hill Ranch lodge Fred and George sat down with a map of the ranch and decided on where to hunt this afternoon and tomorrow.


It was gonna be a good plan, for both Fred and myself.